Andrew Gilleran - SharePoint Ireland, training, consultant, analytics

How to get SharePoint to shine

I get people using SharePoint. Properly. And I use SharePoint to capture, manage, use and display valuable business information in the best possible way.

• Use SharePoint for project sites, dashboards, issue tracking, auditing, evaluations, leave requests, online forms, document & content management, communications, version controls, compliance & regulation, research & surveys, interactive business processes and more.

• Use SharePoint for capturing, using and displaying your valuable information in the best possible way on SharePoint.

• Use SharePoint analytics to measure what works and what doesn’t work (add in Google Analytics to that as well).

Hello, I'm Andrew Gilleran. I’m a highly skilled SharePoint Consultant.

Find me on Linkedin or Twitter and say hello. Or see my blog for the my view of the SharePoint world.


Handy Andy

That's what I used to be called years ago. But you know what? It fits. That's why I use a hand for a logo. I'm all about lending an expert hand on lots of different things.

For starters, I am a SharePoint 2010 specialist and trainer (covering publishing, web content management, team site development, business process development and the social workplace)

You can also throw in my expertise as an online content and communications specialist with extensive internal communications, PR, digital marketing, content management, editing, writing, graphic design and photography.


And to top it all off with the probably the most important aspect of working online: measure if it all gets results or not. So I'm pretty sharp with Google Analytics and other online tools.

Go to my blog to read more.

Write & Edit


Words. Words with meaning. Words that explain, encourage, show, persuade and convince. It's all in the writing. On the web you get mere seconds to state your case.

They're gone and you're gone.

I've been writing online for over 15 years. It's often overlooked compared to web design but it's words that make the difference. On top of that, using Google Analytics I can tell you what writing works and what doesn't.

Go to my blog at to read more.

SharePoint is a big beast. Scary for some and a puzzle for many


But it has to be managed, maintained and measured (I like use 'm' words) to get the most out of it. Use it to manage hundreds of documents effectively, use it for business processes, use it for your employees. Let them learn to use it properly. I can do that for you and more.

Let’s face it, even on a small scale in Ireland, SharePoint is a big investment. And it is a big beast. Scary for some and a puzzle for many. But it has to be managed, maintained and measured to get the most out of it. I can do that for you and more especially for end users.

> Collaboration: I’ve built dozens of team sites for project teams, departments, business processes, Management Information and internal communications activities.

> End User training & Support: I’ve also trained over 200 people to use SharePoint from web content management to team site development.

> Document management: using SharePoint to maintain and manage thousands of files in an effective way

Metrics & measurement: Using Google Analytics to see how a site is being used and to measure it’s value and usage

> Communications, enterprise social networking, publishing & web content management: multi-lingual/local news, internal communications, social workplace, branding, social workplace, blogs, employee engagement and more

> Business processes: using workflows, KPIs, dashboards and InfoPath to get MI for the business. I've built dozens of team sites for project teams, departments, business processes, MI and internal communications activities.

I've also trained over 200 people to use SharePoint from web content management and team site development.

I hate the phrase 'content is king'


It's been around for years and is meaningless at this stage.

To me, content is the heart and soul of your site. It's what makes it go 'zing'.

Content is the words, images, videos and more on a page that gets people interested in your site and gets them using it. And that goes for an intranet too. Relevant content for employees is critical as well. Their time is valuable too.

I was the Project lead on completed successful on-time migration to new SharePoint 2007 (and later to 2010) intranet platform from older system in conjunction with local and global IT and communications teams.

I use SharePoint every day for web content management, publishing, document management and online communications.

Don't waste your employee's time


Intranets often don't get the attention they deserve. Sure it's only employees after all. Wrong.

Finding relevant, useful and timely content for employees is critical as well. Their time is valuable too. The intranet is the centre of that.

But we also have the influence now of enterprise social networking and tools like Yammer. These will have a huge impact on business as they bring the tools of social media inside to employees.

Collaboration, project management, communications, HR and IT tasks are just some of the key elements of the day to day job. And a good intranet helps that.

The Intranet Benchmarking Forum's CEO and Founder Paul Miller picked the 10 intranets that, in his belief, have defined the intranet industry in the past 10 years. One of them is Aviva World that I worked on for the past 5 years.

I've successfully managed and developed intranets for over 10 years building many team sites and publishing sites, migration to SharePoint as well as being editor for Ireland and 2000 employees. Ireland employees generate over 132,000 unique page views a month on Aviva World so it is pretty big and considered a key communications channel.

Outcomes. Measure what really matters on your site


What is the purpose of your site and it's content? Is it doing what you want it to do? Is it matching the goals you have set for that content?

I’ve developed key benchmark web analytics standards for Aviva Ireland and Aviva Europe to measure metrics on the intranet using Google Analytics particularly with tracking from emails to employees. Previously for our European team, I delivered monthly and ad hoc regional site metrics and ensuring regional communications team members are trained and deliver local metrics; worked with global team to ensure best practice and compatibility of metrics across Aviva.

CV & skills


So, interested in talking to me? Please get in touch.

Here's my wide range of communications, marketing and technical skills
- SharePoint 2007/2010 Adminstrator

- SharePoint end user trainer (trained over 200 people at all levels of using SharePoint)
- Creating, writing and editing online and print content
- Communications expertise across many channels (web, print, events, video and more)
- Digital marketing (blogs, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, SEO)
- Content management (SharePoint Web Content Management, Terminal 4, Trove document management system)
- Google Analytics for measuring what works and what doesn't work online
- Online tools: Google Webmaster tools, social media measurement and many more online apps including Hootsuite/Tumblr for social media and Yammer for enterprise collaboration.
- Web, HTML & graphic design
- Photography and video
- PC/Windows expertise
- Plain English Campaign trainer
- Project Management
- Twelve Horses MessageMaker web based email marketing system
- Software: SharePoint 2007/2010, SharePoint Designer 2007/2010, Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks (web design), Microsoft Expression Encoder (video editing)


I know it covers a lot, but it's a good package. And that's me. Please get in touch. Thanks.