• Internal communications, employee engagement in Ireland

    Employees in the dark?

    Get effective Internal Communications digital tools for listening, sharing, building, choosing, learning, analysing, talking, discussing, debating, complaining, praising, doing, rewarding, showing, supporting and caring.

    How I can show you the light
  • SharePoint & Yammer for intranets and extranets in Ireland

    How technology can make your communications shine

    Yammer, SharePoint, Office 365, email and other applications are great business tools. Let employees use them to share, talk, collaborate, discuss, work, engage and give feedback. But the technology has to be managed, maintained and measured to get the most out of them

    How I can make it shine

How to get your people working smarter with measureable & compelling internal communications to boost employee engagement and collaboration

Training for SharePoint, Yammer & Office 365

SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Ireland

Find out how to use SharePoint, Yammerand Office 365 to display and use valuable customer, business & HR information in the best possible way.

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Clear content for employees &
internal communications

Internal Communications and content

Find out how to create valuable content and communicate clearly with your employees, how to improve employee engagement and get internal communications on track.

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Get a free Yammer Starter Kit


Free guides and Information for internal communications

Looking to start with Yammer and not sure where to begin? Download this free Yammer Starter Kit which will start you on your own Yammer journey.

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User adoption, training
and new systems

Training, user adoption for SharePoint & Yammer Ireland

New systems or projects? Bringing in some changes? Need to have strong and consistent communications for it? See how the right communications can get users up to speed on changes.

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Collaboration & knowledge sharing: breaking silos

Collaboration, knowledge sharing, Internal Communications and content with Yammer

Silos exist in all organisations. But how do you break that out? How do you get people to collaborate and work smarter together? How do you get cross functional knowledge sharing and cooperation? Yammer it.

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