• Internal communications, employee engagement in Ireland

    Employees in the dark?

    Get effective Internal Communications for listening, sharing, building, choosing, learning, analysing, talking, discussing, arguing, complaining, praising, doing, rewarding, showing, supporting and caring.

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  • SharePoint & Yammer for intranets and extranets in Ireland

    How to make Yammer shine

    Yammer is a great social business tool. Let employees and customers use it to share, talk, discuss, engage and give feedback. But it has to be managed, maintained and measured to get the most out of it.

    Make it shine
  • Internal Communications and intranets in Ireland

    Don't waste people's time

    Findability. Getting things done, tasks, working together, sharing knowledge. All critical elements of an intranet and helping your people get value from their work and ultimately giving that value to your employees, partners and customers.

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I am a Digital Content Specialist. I create measureable and effective digital content and communications for your employees, partners and customers

Useful SharePoint, Yammer & WordPress sites

SharePoint & Yammer Ireland

Find out how to get your employees and B2B customers using SharePoint, Yammer & WordPress. Properly. And use these collaboration tools to capture, manage, share, discuss, argue, use and display valuable customer, business & HR information in the best possible way.

I can squeeze huge value out of your SharePoint and Yammer platforms.

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Effective internal, external communications & content

How do you create valuable content and communicate clearly with your employees and B2B customers? What channels to use? What technology can be the most effective? How to measure the results? And what about employee engagement?

Find out how to improve employee engagement and get internal communications on track.

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