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Of course you want to get started with Yammer. Or maybe it is passing you by. Then maybe you just don't give a damn! Still, here’s a starting point with articles to get you thinking, doing and running with Enterprise Social Networking and Yammer.


What is it and why should I care?


Here’s one definition:
“Enterprise social networking is an organisation's use of social media, internally, to connect individuals who share similar business interests or activities. Social tools can help employees to access the knowledge and resources they need to work together effectively and solve business problems”

A big problem is many businesses is harnessing information. Call it knowledge. This can be anything. From business processes, project management, product development, marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, people management and so on. Another one is location. Even if you have a centralised office structure there are still many silos within an organisation.


In some ways, using Yammer is like thinking out loud but in a good way.


So one of the key aims of enterprise social networking is to get people talking to each other. Now that might appear to be obvious but it isn’t. In introducing it into your organisation, you have to look at what outcomes you want to get from it. What is it that you want enterprise social networking to do?

Use Yammer for:

  • Building an intranet for employees and supporting internal communications. Ideal for SME's and with people on the road or scattered away from a central office
  • Extranet for customers, partners, resellers, suppliers, distributors. A great way to work closely with these important groups
  • Line manager communications. Use Yammer to manage and control internal communications with managers.
  • HR portals, onboarding/induction. Again Yammer can be used for HR in introducing new people to an organisation, for providing HR and employee information. It allows for two way communications and a great way of getting people involved in the HR process
  • Sales force communications. Another great way of using Yammer to keep the hard working sales teams in the loop as they are away from the office a lot of the time. Feedback on competitors, leads, the market, products and services can all be dealt with.


That's just a few of the things you can do with Yammer. But it is a journey. It is a different way of working. It is about moving people from email. So it does require planning, management and training. It also requires a change in atitude. But hey, you can do it.


Yammer v Email! from Digital Storytellers on Vimeo.

So , here are your essential links for learning more about using Yammer.


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And here's your starting point from Yammer itself


Join the Office 365 Network on Yammer. It's the best place to talk. Just request access.

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