How to Get Work Done and why

Content, collaboration and communications that Gets Work Done


I worked with a person who had to spend 2 or 3 days a week doing one particular process. It was a sales administration process and it was very time consuming. It involved a data extract from a system, into Excel, lots of sorting and filtering and then emails to multiple people with the filtered data. These people then had to mail back with changes.


Every single week she did this chore. And many hours it took. Some weeks it was easier, some weeks it took longer.


It was madness.


After reviewing and analysing what she was doing, I was able to build a solution for her using SharePoint and Excel. She could extract her data, put it in Excel, press a macro button, sync it to SharePoint and a workflow would run to email all the relevant people with their information and the status details logged on SharePoint.


This now took about 30 minutes to do, usually less. Now she could see instantly the status of her data as people updated the list over a few days.


It was all about working smarter not harder. Saving a huge amount of time and effort so she could focus on other more important parts of her job.


And this was about using content, communications and collaboration to Get Work Done.


Content is the data, information, documents, images and videos that we use every day.
Communications is how we talk and listen to our colleagues and customers
And Collaboration is how effectively we work with colleagues and customers.

Put them all together and the aim is to Get Work Done.


But it’s not about the technology:

  • it’s the message that’s important
  • it’s the content that’s important
  • it’s working together that’s important
  • it’s how you use technology that’s important

Yes technology is a major part of it but it is not the be all and end all of everything. It is how people use it that makes the difference.


With the likes of SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer, getting users using the platforms to Get Work Done is what matters most of all. Otherwise it is a complete waste of time and money. Ineffective user adoption will cost you money.


I have 20+ years’ experience in creating measureable content, communications and collaborative business solutions across multiple channels in many sectors.


So why not ask me about Content, collaboration and communications that Gets Work Done.

Smarter Internal Communications and working together

    • Digital content for employees (web sites/pages, blogs, emails, e-newsletters and more)
    • Intranet management & development
    • Create HR portals and sites
    • Employee engagement and company culture surveys
    • Change management and information management
    • Social collaboration and enterprise networking for business using Yammer
    • Communications for new systems

SharePoint, Office 365 & Intranets – how to improve your digital workplace

    • User adoption & training
    • Content management
    • Office 365
    • Apps for internal communications
    • Content analysis and clean-up
    • Governance & permission planning
    • Business solutions you can do yourself

Connecting employees and customers with Yammer & Social Business

    • Create internal and external networks
    • Launch communications
    • Training & user adoption

Measuring the outcomes

    • Web analytics (Google Analytics and SharePoint/Yammer analytics)
      how your content performs and is measured across the platforms
    • see what people are looking for
    • how they interact with your content
    • employee surveys, focus groups and research



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