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It used to be all so simple for Internal Communications. Mostly it was SOS – Send Out Stuff. A newsletter here and there, a few meetings, some emails, the intranet….then it started getting complicated. The pressue and work kept ramping up and 'firefighting' issues became the norm in place of planned strategic communications.


All change for internal communications

Internal Communications traditionally was about broadcasting messages to employees across multiple channels, it was about pushing the message out using email, newsletters, flyers, deskdrops, TV, video, podcasting, townhalls, meetings, etc. And you got feedback from surveys, focus groups and just chatting with people. It was all pretty much one way. Now, that is changing.


Now we have social media everywhere and it has a huge impact on how we communicate with friends, the media, companies and brands. Now that is also in the workplace. And it is having and will have a huge impact on internal communications. It is called Enterprise Social Networking. One of the most popular tools is Yammer. And there are many other apps for internal communications.


Enterprise Social Networking is a balancing act. You are trying to balance communications, organisational structures, culture, how people work.


Many conversations going in within any organisation. A big problem is many businesses is harnessing useful information (and making good use of it)


All organisations are different, indeed, departments, regional offices, branches are different in an organisation. You have to understand your business.


Get people talking to each other

So one of the key aims of Enterprise Social Networking is to get people talking to each other and yes, sharing information. It also about giving employees a voice and a chance to speak, to respond, to question, to ask, to comment and even to complain. ESN is all about capturing and managing conversations within an organisation.

Smarter Internal Communications and working together

    • Digital content for employees (web sites/pages, blogs, emails, e-newsletters and more)
    • Intranet management & development
    • Create HR portals and sites
    • Employee engagement and company culture surveys
    • Change management and information management
    • Social collaboration and enterprise networking for business using Yammer
    • Communications for new systems

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