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New role and a change of direction


Yes I am known for my work with SharePoint, Office 365 and intranets. But it is intranets, digital workplace, enterprise social networks, internal community management and collaboration that I will now be focusing on. From June 19 2017, I am taking up an exciting full time role as Intranet Community Manager with Fenergo, the growing Fintech company based in Dublin. The platform they currently use is Jive Software which will be a new challenge for me and one I am really looking forward to. So SharePoint will take a bit of a back seat for a while as I switch platforms.     »» Continue reading

Change date format in Microsoft Flow emails

Microsoft Flow the workflow engine in Office 365 is constantly evolving and changing. And it also throws up a few curveballs every now and then.

One of them is date formats and how they appear in emails. The default is US format and so if you have a Flow with a created date from a SharePoint list, it would appear in a generated email like this:

Date: 2017-06-02T11:29:03Z

Not useful for us Europeans and the time doesn’t help either for users.

Here’s how to fix it.

  1. In your SharePoint list find the name of the date column you are using. In this case mine is called ‘Submitted date’.
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New content pack to help Office 365 user adoption


The Office 365 Adoption content pack using PowerBI is now in preview for first release tenants. I’ve just switched mine on so it will be interesting to see how it looks. Of course there is only one user in my tenant so the data is not that useful for me as such. But for any organisation using Office 365 they will now be able to see (in an easier way) what parts of Office 365 their users are using.

Currently it runs on a monthly cycle so it is refreshed every month. But that is fine to be able to show data and analytics about user adoption.     »» Continue reading

Why your intranet shows what you really think of employees

SharePoint end user adoption

There are many clues when you go into an organisation as to how good it is, how it works and most importantly how well it treats employees. It could be the restaurant or canteen, meeting areas and rooms, car parking, desks, chairs, lighting and so on. These all matter sure. Not bean bags. Or pool tables. Or foosball. Or any other gimmicky nonsense.

For me I look at the intranet. In my opinion, every company with over 10 employees should have some form of an intranet to keep people informed, allow them to complete tasks, discuss matters, share information, to understand the organisation, its customers, its products/services and why it exists in the first place.     »» Continue reading

Simple Excel surveys in Office 365

Sometimes you come across something in the SharePoint/Office 365 world that makes you smile at the simplicity of it and the sheer usefulness of it. And Excel surveys are it. Yes it’s not Survey Monkey but it will get the data saved into Excel for those data junkies. If you want something more sophisticated and in real time, have a look at Microsoft Pulse. This is free (yes free) online polling and survey tool which can be used for events, in the classroom or pretty much anywhere. Or stick with Survey Monkey…
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SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017 roundup

Does SharePoint drive you nuts at times? Probably. But don’t blame SharePoint or even Microsoft. Blame who ever installed, configured, built, trained and supported SharePoint in your organisation. Now that could be a long list…

But things are changing. Big time. Microsoft have announced a slew of updates for SharePoint Online, Yammer, OneDrive and Office 365. And there are two key elements of it for me. One is that intranets are front and centre in the SharePoint world. Which is a good thing. And second the user experience and functionality is improving at a rate of knots. And all this helps user adoption and training.     »» Continue reading