A review of Office 365 – mostly good. And Sharepoint…

UK IT site, The Register, has a review of Office 365 from Microsoft. But it is this quote which is a classic:

Speaking of Sharepoint, that is also part of Office 365. Sharepoint Online is perhaps the most natural fit for a subscription cloud app that Microsoft has in its arsenal.

Sharepoint in the enterprise is a finicky, miserable-to-administer thing requiring a fair amount of expertise. Sharepoint in Office 365 has its own App Store. This moves it on from the WordPress-for-business role it typically has when installed on premises to something more akin to collaboration-as-a-service. I have never had much time or use for Sharepoint before but the Office 365 version has opened my eyes to its possibilities.

SharePoint ‘finicky’? I’ve heard it called far worse. But it’s a nice summary.