And that’s Slack

SlackJust read two interesting articles on Slack, the fast growing digital workplace enterprise tool. First up is a LinkedIn post from James Robertson of Step Two, the intranet consultants in Oz. His team use it and are delighted with it. He gives a nice summary of what it does and what it covers. And then we have Gerry McGovern’s article which focuses on the company’s customer experience efforts. That sets a standard for many companies and organisations to follow and we’d love to see more of it. Of course I am a Microsofty and use many of their tools but even MS can learn from a company like Slack. I’ve only tried it out for myself and it certainly looks good and has some great features. Bit tricky to really try it as a one man band!

But if competitors like Slack force Microsoft to ups it game with Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer then we can all benefit.

As and aside but connected, I was using MS Project Server to input timesheets recently and the user interface was pretty damn awful. Clunky wasn’t the word. It was my first time to see Project server in any shape (I have the desktop version – 2016 – installed on my laptop but haven’t used it yet). Well I won’t be rushing to try it out.