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Andrew Gilleran is a Digital Communicator. Many people think that technology was meant to make internal communications and employee engagement easier. Well it hasn’t. But he can show how to use the right technology and communications strategy to get employees working smarter.

Kano. Great idea and a great website – nothing to do with SharePoint

You get to see a lot of web sites each day and rarely does anything cause you to pause and look again. And so it was with Kano.Not just the web site but the product as well.

Here’s the blurb:

“A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.”

It’s a Kickstarter project and, well, to me, it just looks fantastic. The whole package is beautifully designed and the idea behind it is really great. I mean the kit has all you need to create a PC and lots of different things with it.     »» Continue reading

The 10 best intranets – the Jakob Nielsen report is out

An always interesting view of intranets over the past 12 months from Jakob Nielsen and the Neilsen Norman Group.

Here’s the summary:

“Intranet team sizes continue to grow at a slow but steady pace, while smaller organizations are producing the best intranets. Focusing on Agile development and wireframing methods, intranet teams are completing design and deployment within much shorter timeframes.”

But it’s the feature trends that spark some interest.

  • Carousels
  • Persistent right rail
  • Functional footers
  • Local search
  • Mega menus, present but shrinking.
  • Filmstrip
  • Flat and boxy
  • Social

Nothing too mad there but one thing is always constant on pretty much any intranet and that is the battle for space and eyeballs on the home page.     »» Continue reading

Workflows, workflows, SharePoint 2013 workflows

Now, there are quite a few decent people around the world that provide some great insight into using SharePoint. Not just using it but really, really USING it. And Aussie man, Paul Culmsee, is certainly one of those.

He’s kicking off the New Year with a whopping 11 part series of articles on SharePoint 2013 workflows. I’ve been getting to grips with 2010 workflows in past year so at the moment it is not directly relevant for me as such. But it is very useful as a guide and the principles are similar.

     »» Continue reading

Looking to start off with Yammer and Enterprise Social Networking?

Of course you are. Or maybe it’s passing you by. Then maybe you just don’t give a damn! Still, here’s a starting point with 7 articles to get you thinking, doing and running with Enterprise Social Networking and Yammer.

What is it and why should I care?

Here’s one definition:

“Enterprise social networking is an organisation’s use of social media, internally, to connect individuals who share similar business interests or activities. Social tools can help employees to access the knowledge and resources they need to work together effectively and solve business problems”

A big problem is many businesses is harnessing information.     »» Continue reading