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Andrew Gilleran is a Digital Communicator. Many people think that technology was meant to make internal communications and employee engagement easier. Well it hasn’t. But he can show how to use the right technology and communications strategy to get employees working smarter.

How do you build a great team site in SharePoint?

The short answer is by being different. The longer answer requires work. Quite a bit of work.

Every team site is different. Very different. Different needs, different uses, different audiences, different goals, different requirements, different processes and so on and on.

So how can you build a proper team site that works?

I’ve built hundreds of team sites on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in two different companies and I can honestly say they have all been different (sorry!). No two were the same in terms of how they looked or how they performed.

Right, what the components of creating a great team site?     »» Continue reading

Using quick guides for training SharePoint End users

Showing people how to use SharePoint either as site owners or just as general users has always been a tricky thing at the best of time. Whether it’s the SharePoint ribbon, the interface itself or just end user impatience, it’s always being a challenge for any intranet or SharePoint manager.

One solution I came up was to create quick guides to using SharePoint as an Announcements list. It only contains 7 items dealing with the most popular uses of SharePoint (uploading documents, setting alerts, integrating with Outlook and so on). More can be added of course. There are two options as to how you can implement it on your site.     »» Continue reading

My favourite experts on SharePoint, intranets and enterprise social networking.

Some of my favourite bloggers and experts on SharePoint, intranets and enterprise social networking. There are many, many more.

Jeremy Thake

James Robertson

Christian Buckley

Ellen van Aken

Bjorn Furukknap

Richard Harbridge

Wendy Neal      »» Continue reading

The end of SharePoint?

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks in the SharePoint world with a few articles discussing the demise of SharePoint in its various forms and subsequent debate in the SharePoint community. Though this discussion has been on-going for some time, there has been more attention on it for some reason recently.

So why the debate? Much of it comes from the Microsoft pushing its cloud based services (Office 365) and SharePoint is part of it. It is also about cloud versus premises. Do you host SharePoint (and everything else) on your own network servers or do you host it externally in the cloud?     »» Continue reading

My first Sharepoint user group presentation – Yes it’s about Yammer…

I will be doing my first SharePoint presentation to the Irish SharePoint User Group on the 24th of October 2013.

Here’s the blurb. And here’s the link on Everbrite.

Join us for two talks on Thursday 24th November in Temple Bar Hotel, Dublin:

Is Ireland ready for Social Enterprise and State of SharePoint BI (Power BI, PowerView, PowerPivot, PowerQuery, PowerMap)   

Yammer and SharePoint have been getting a lot of attention in the past 12 months or so. Andrew Gilleran will discuss the ins and outs of using social in an Organisation, how to measure its impact and how you organisation can take advantage of it

State of SharePoint BI (Power BI, PowerView, PowerPivot, PowerQuery, PowerMap)   
Microsoft has been producing a slew of products for Business Intelligence including the latest Power BI for Office 365.     »» Continue reading

Google Analytics Fundamentals course – result!

Andrew Gilleran - Google Analytics Fundamentals

Andrew Gilleran – Google Analytics Fundamentals

Nice introductory course on Google Analytics from Google. Hurry though, it finishes at the end of October.

“A foundation for marketers and analysts seeking to understand the core principles of digital analytics and to improve business performance through better digital measurement.”

Well worth a look for an overview of web analytics.     »» Continue reading

How Yammer is killing enterprise social networking

By looking at the reasons behind enterprise social networking adoption in large corporations we can begin to understand why social business tools are not living up to their hype or potential.

There’s no shortage of articles explaining why companies are abandoning enterprise social networking. Since Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer last year, it’s becoming the brand that represents the entire industry. Therefore, a close look at Yammer’s approach may reveal why enterprise social networking is not delivering the genuine value large companies are seeking to make it worthwhile.

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