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Andrew Gilleran is a Digital Communicator. Many people think that technology was meant to make internal communications and employee engagement easier. Well it hasn’t. But he can show how to use the right technology and communications strategy to get employees working smarter.

10 Best Intranets of 2012

Web usability guru, Jakob Nielsen has issued his annual intranet design awards recently and interesting reading it makes too. Here’s the very quick summary: “Social networking and personalization rise to higher levels this year, while mobile intranets continue to cut their teeth. Also, smaller organizations get larger teams and better designs.”

The top intranets are mostly UK and US along with Swedish and German winners. I like this quote from the main summary which places an emphasis on having good publishers in a company:

“This year’s winners were very strongly focused on content quality early on and throughout the design process.     »» Continue reading

Digital marketing – the rules for your future?

It’s that man Avinash Kaushik again, analytics guru. But this time it’s not about data as such, well not much. It’s about the broader area of digital marketing and “unimaginative web strategies”. He titles it ‘The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change or Perish’ which is modest. But as always, Avinash knows how to present his always compelling case.

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Intranets: What’s been happening?

Just came across a very decent site about intranets and their development. They have a summary of their most popular articles for the past year.

1. 10 Characteristics of a Great Intranet (March)

2. 10 Laws for Intranet Managers (May)

3. Intranet, Internet, Extranet Merger Imminent (August)

4. 4 Intranet Personalisation Models (May)

5. 10 Ways To Extend The Reach Of Your Intranet (July)

6. 5 Tips For Building Trust On Your Intranet (September)

7. The Power of Location: 5 location ideas for your #intranet (June)

8. The Intranet Beauty Pageant (June)

9. #Intranet Executive Blogs (November)

10. Milestones On The #Intranet Mobile Roadmap (November)

[Update] And just to put a crystal ball on intranets, here are the predictions for this year.     »» Continue reading


Part one of Coca Cola’s fascinating new marketing strategy (Content 20:20) revolving around content marketing and more. More background on it is here. Part two of the video is on YouTube here.