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Andrew Gilleran is a Digital Communicator. Many people think that technology was meant to make internal communications and employee engagement easier. Well it hasn’t. But he can show how to use the right technology and communications strategy to get employees working smarter.

Study shows 5 KPI’s for measuring your brand’s online influence

Interesting study from Dutch editor and researcher, Danny Oosterveer. His research shows how much deeper you need to go to assess the impact, value and usefulness of a brand’s online activity in social media. His full research paper on the subject is here.

Study shows 5 KPI’s for measuring your brand’s online influence      »» Continue reading

Intranets by another name – digital workplace

The word ‘intranet’ has been around awhile now. It’s an internal web site for a company mainly for it’s employees. Leading intranet expert, Jane McConnell has coined a phrase over the past year or so that she thinks describes an intranet. And ‘digital workplace’ it is. I like it.

She and her company have produced a report on the trends for digital workplaces.

Here is the summary: “Based on an annual worldwide survey now in its 6th year, the  annual Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends reports provide in-depth insight into what is happening in the “intranet world” inside organizations.”

And here is part of the preface: “2012 will be the year of expansion for the intranet.     »» Continue reading


Adman and direct marketing guru from days past, David Ogilvy, talks about the importance of direct response advertising and what works and doesn’t work. What’s that got to do with the web? Everything. It’s all about measurement and what works (and doesn’t work). On the web, you know that 100%.

So what’s been popular on Facebook in 2011?

What were people talking about this year on Facebook? Well here you go. It’s obviously related to current news events and as you can see some only last 24 hours or so so. Though Charlie Sheen seems to have rumbled on a little longer. Not really a spike more a speed bump though.

In this blog post from the Facebook data team, they go into more details on the trends and in particular the remarkable trend of “hmu, lms or tbh, each year brings a new set of three letter acronyms that go viral.” Oh and have a look at ‘planking’ while you’re at it.     »» Continue reading