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Andrew Gilleran is a Digital Communicator. Many people think that technology was meant to make internal communications and employee engagement easier. Well it hasn’t. But he can show how to use the right technology and communications strategy to get employees working smarter.

Metrics and Facebook

I had been thinking the other day about how companies can track their activities in FB so had a look around. This short article gives a nice overview. However it was this detailed article on using Google Analytics to have a detailed look at your FB site that caught the eye.  Certainly a bit fiddly to set up but if you’re FB pages are getting good traffic then it’s worth getting the extra value from GA. And it’s free.     »» Continue reading

Useful article to get started on web analytics

More than useful it is. Avinash Kaushik is a web analytics guru and has a few books to his name. But I certainly liked the headline in this intro for web analytics. “Beginner’s Guide To Web Data Analysis: Ten Steps To Love & Success”. One of his books (Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity) has some excellent reviews on Amazon so might be worth a purchase.

Love is probably extra….     »» Continue reading

Using team sites on SharePoint

Team sites are one of the really great things about SharePoint in an intranet environment. It allows project teams, departments, cross functional teams the ability to create their own web space and use it any way they need for their purposes. Over on the Get the Point blog, there is a nice summary of some of the main team site templates and how they can be used.

I liked this example of using the wiki technology.

SharePoint 2010 team sites     »» Continue reading

SharePoint 2010 – a starting point.

Ah SharePoint. What’s it all about then? I usually describe like this: ” The great thing about SharePoint is that you can lots of things with it. The bad thing about SharePoint is that you can do lots of things with it.”


As a content management system it’s unrivalled in it’s scope. Doesn’t meant it’s the bee knees but it certainly does a lot of things and it can do them well. And it does some things not so well. But there is a lot of learning to it and a lot of learning about getting the most out of it.     »» Continue reading