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New content pack to help Office 365 user adoption


The Office 365 Adoption content pack using PowerBI is now in preview for first release tenants. I’ve just switched mine on so it will be interesting to see how it looks. Of course there is only one user in my tenant so the data is not that useful for me as such. But for any organisation using Office 365 they will now be able to see (in an easier way) what parts of Office 365 their users are using.

Currently it runs on a monthly cycle so it is refreshed every month. But that is fine to be able to show data and analytics about user adoption.     »» Continue reading

User adoption guide for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the digital equivalent of an open-space office environment. It is an entirely new experience which brings together people, conversations, and content. Through easy connections and conversations, Microsoft Teams builds relationships and drives collaboration seamlessly, and opens up opportunities to take your organizational goals to the next level.

Microsoft have introduced a useful new site to help with the introduction, onboarding and user adoption of Teams. There are four documents included in their adoption planning kit. This is taken from the read me file included:

The Microsoft Teams Practical Guide and Planning Workshop Kit are comprised of 4 assets.     »» Continue reading

New Office 365 user adoption guide from Microsoft

Microsoft have released a new guide to User Adoption for Office 365 (PDF). It’s 33 pages and is very detailed. And it’s pretty damn useful. This is a valuable guide for anyone involved in planning and supporting Office 365.

The guide oulines three main phases for user adoption: Envision, Onboard and Drive Value and are based around Microsoft’s existing FastTrack programme.


Office 365 user adoption phases

The user adoption planning also focuses on having the right people on board and working with you to drive adoption. The guide talks about having Success Owners and of course Champions. These are the people on the ground who will help drive user adoption over an extended period.     »» Continue reading

New Intranet Authors Masterclass launched


People have been chosen to update their team/department’s section on the intranet. They have received training and guides on how to update their section using their chosen technical platform such as SharePoint. They have been shown how to update content but necessarily WHAT to create. Then your intranet gets stale. People complain. They stop using it. Content is out of date. Badly written. Confusing. But people are busy in their jobs and struggle to produce decent intranet content. So without decent and regularly updated content your intranet will not be used as much as you would like.


3 hours on your premises for up to 10 people.

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At last a staff rota scheduler in Office 365

Now, there is lots of great stuff coming from the Microsoft Ignite conference but this one caught my eye. It’s called Microsoft StaffHub. It’s basically an online rota and staff scheduler for what MS calls ‘deskless’ workers.

Microsoft StaffHub—the go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work. With Microsoft StaffHub, it’s easy to create and manage shift schedules for your team and provide relevant information needed for the job. For deskless workers, their work schedule, and other important information, is right at their fingertips—on their mobile device.

So users can get all the information on their mobile device (Android and iOS only – sorry Windows Mobile).     »» Continue reading

Five useful reads: Yammer, Office 365, collaboration and work stress

Right, a mixture of enterprise social networking, company culture, a dash of Yammer and that old bugbear, stress at work.

The ongoing debate over Office 365 Groups and Yammer

Office Graph: the personal assistant in your organization

Here are the 5 things that stress people out the most at work

20 MVPs Share Their Thoughts on Office 365

Corporate Culture Reborn through Enterprise Social Network [oldie]     »» Continue reading

Come along to the new ICE UnConference


What are your internal communications challenges?

ICE Comms UnConference 2015

Date: Wed 9 September 2015

Time: 6-8pm

Venue: AIB Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Register here – it’s free

Why attend?
This is the first free event of its kind in Ireland for internal communications and employee engagement professionals and is organised by the Internal Communications & Engagement (ICE) group on LinkedIn.

It is a great opportunity to network, to share ideas, knowledge, issues and success stories with your peers. The event is not about you sitting there, listening to speakers, looking at PowerPoint slides and clapping politely. It is much more than that.     »» Continue reading

How to get much more from Yammer – free ebook

Free Yammer ebook

How to get much more from Yammer – your free ebook

In this FREE 19 page ebook from myself, Andrew Gilleran, you will learn:
– why Yammer can improve your business
– what Yammer does and does well
– how to launch Yammer
– how to measure its impact
– how to get business value out of it

You can download the ebook for free here

Now, a couple of things.

  1. Sure Yammer is a strong internal communications tool but it can work as a collaboration tool across all areas of a business.
  2. It can used for customer communications especially for business to business.
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