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User adoption guide for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the digital equivalent of an open-space office environment. It is an entirely new experience which brings together people, conversations, and content. Through easy connections and conversations, Microsoft Teams builds relationships and drives collaboration seamlessly, and opens up opportunities to take your organizational goals to the next level.

Microsoft have introduced a useful new site to help with the introduction, onboarding and user adoption of Teams. There are four documents included in their adoption planning kit. This is taken from the read me file included:

The Microsoft Teams Practical Guide and Planning Workshop Kit are comprised of 4 assets.     »» Continue reading

How to use Microsoft Delve in Outlook

Delve is the output from the brain in Office 365. It shows everything that you are working on and who you are working with. It’s artificial intelligence on a massive yet personal scale.

Microsoft definition:
Delve helps you discover the information that’s likely to be most interesting to you right now – across Office 365. Find information about people – and through people – and help others find you.

You can read about Delve here.
Delve in Outlook
There are apps for Windows, iOS and Android but some but many people work in the desktop version of Outlook. And maybe you would like to have Delve close at hand to view docs quickly and easily.     »» Continue reading

Microsoft Teams – first look

So I found Microsoft Teams in my Office 365 tenant this morning and gave it a go. Here’s what I had written yesterday after seeing the announcement.

And. What’s it bloody like?

It’s nice.


Yup. Pretty nice indeed. You can also download and install a desktop version which is quite slick and responsive. More on that later.

Reading various articles and commentaries about Microsoft Teams seems to revolve around two words: Choice and integration. Here’s a great one.



What collaboration toolset do you want to use in your organisation? Try Outlook. Maybe some Planner. Or SharePoint on its own.     »» Continue reading

At last a staff rota scheduler in Office 365

Now, there is lots of great stuff coming from the Microsoft Ignite conference but this one caught my eye. It’s called Microsoft StaffHub. It’s basically an online rota and staff scheduler for what MS calls ‘deskless’ workers.

Microsoft StaffHub—the go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work. With Microsoft StaffHub, it’s easy to create and manage shift schedules for your team and provide relevant information needed for the job. For deskless workers, their work schedule, and other important information, is right at their fingertips—on their mobile device.

So users can get all the information on their mobile device (Android and iOS only – sorry Windows Mobile).     »» Continue reading

Five useful SharePoint & Office 365 links this week

Intranets with Office 365

Another great offering from 2 to Lead. This time it is about using intranets on Office 365

  • The benefits of Office 365 for Intranets
  • Why you should consider migrating your Intranet to Office 365
  • When and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing Intranet today
  • Lessons learned and challenges with Office 365 Intranets

And it’s free. Well worth a download and a read.

New book: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

This interesting new book from Michael Sampson provides a great overview of how to use Office 365. There is a free excerpt which you should read anyway.     »» Continue reading

New SharePoint document libraries get attention

Have a look at my short video (only 4 minutes!) on the new user interface for document libraries in SharePoint.

Like many the first I heard of this was in the Office 365 Yammer network (access required) and was pretty surprised. I do like the main part of the doc library now as it brings a consistency to documents between One Drive and SharePoint. It removes the familiar SharePoint UI though which means a little retraining for users.

Not much thankfully, but it will cause confusion. One other thing is that on the left hand navigation menu of the site when in the document library, it shows both the quick launch and top level global navigation as one list which is clunky and would be unworkable on any large site.     »» Continue reading

Digital Workplace predictions for 2016

Now, they are not my predictions. Not a chance. We will leave that to the real expert in that area and that is the always interesting Paul Miller of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG). The video is only 8 minutes or so but well worth your time. Paul also talks about ‘Employee Experience’ and how that is and will be having an impact on how people work internally and with customers. You can read some more about Employee Experience here.
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