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New role and a change of direction


Yes I am known for my work with SharePoint, Office 365 and intranets. But it is intranets, digital workplace, enterprise social networks, internal community management and collaboration that I will now be focusing on. From June 19 2017, I am taking up an exciting full time role as Intranet Community Manager with Fenergo, the growing Fintech company based in Dublin. The platform they currently use is Jive Software which will be a new challenge for me and one I am really looking forward to. So SharePoint will take a bit of a back seat for a while as I switch platforms.     »» Continue reading

Why your intranet shows what you really think of employees

SharePoint end user adoption

There are many clues when you go into an organisation as to how good it is, how it works and most importantly how well it treats employees. It could be the restaurant or canteen, meeting areas and rooms, car parking, desks, chairs, lighting and so on. These all matter sure. Not bean bags. Or pool tables. Or foosball. Or any other gimmicky nonsense.

For me I look at the intranet. In my opinion, every company with over 10 employees should have some form of an intranet to keep people informed, allow them to complete tasks, discuss matters, share information, to understand the organisation, its customers, its products/services and why it exists in the first place.     »» Continue reading

Yammer leads the way at intranets event in Dublin

Social intranet – Unily

Delighted to be at an event this week organised by Brightstarr and Microsoft Ireland about intranets, Office 365, the digital workplace and even Yammer. Of course SharePoint got a mention or two! Hosted at the Microsoft office in Sandyford, it was great to see around 30 people at the event.

Brightstarr had organised it to promote their Unily intranet product (based on SharePoint of course). They had brought in one of their key customers in Ireland, ESB Networks, to talk about how they had implemented it in their organisation in the past year or so.

We also had Simon Daly from Microsoft taking us the role of Office 365 in modern intranets.     »» Continue reading

Some latest updates on intranets

Now I’ve said it before and yes I will say it again, I love intranets. Always have and always will. I know digital workplace is sort of taking over as being a far sexier phrase. But intranets are still very, very relevant.

Anyway here’s three interesting pieces of reading about intranets. Toby Ward talks about the continued growth in the social side of intranets as we see Facebook take strides in that area with their Workplace tool. We also have seen the recent takeover of social collaboration vendor Jive Software which might have implications for that platform.

And of course in the Micrsoft world, things trundle on.     »» Continue reading

User adoption guide for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the digital equivalent of an open-space office environment. It is an entirely new experience which brings together people, conversations, and content. Through easy connections and conversations, Microsoft Teams builds relationships and drives collaboration seamlessly, and opens up opportunities to take your organizational goals to the next level.

Microsoft have introduced a useful new site to help with the introduction, onboarding and user adoption of Teams. There are four documents included in their adoption planning kit. This is taken from the read me file included:

The Microsoft Teams Practical Guide and Planning Workshop Kit are comprised of 4 assets.     »» Continue reading

Are you having problems getting people to create good intranet content?


Intranets can be expensive to build and manage. But they are very, very useful and can have major value for an organisation. But you and your users need good content. And they need guidance. Intranets are usually managed by Internal Communications so they know the importance of good content and clear, effective communications.

Show them what content to create
People have been chosen to update their team/department’s section on the intranet. And they may be reluctant to take on the extra work involved. They have received training and guides on how to update their section using their chosen technical platform such as SharePoint.     »» Continue reading

New Intranet Authors Masterclass launched


People have been chosen to update their team/department’s section on the intranet. They have received training and guides on how to update their section using their chosen technical platform such as SharePoint. They have been shown how to update content but necessarily WHAT to create. Then your intranet gets stale. People complain. They stop using it. Content is out of date. Badly written. Confusing. But people are busy in their jobs and struggle to produce decent intranet content. So without decent and regularly updated content your intranet will not be used as much as you would like.


3 hours on your premises for up to 10 people.

     »» Continue reading

Microsoft Teams – another collaboration tool to learn

Microsoft Teams user interface

Microsoft Teams

Yes indeedy. Microsoft have thrown another collaboration and team work tool into an already growing and confusing mix. Microsoft Teams is the name and it’s aimed squarely at Slack and to a lesser extent Workplace at Facebook (another newish entrant into the enterprise chat/collaboration/teamwork sphere – sorry I hate using the word ‘space’.).

At first glance it simply looks like Microsoft have added a more appealing user interface to their existing Office 365 Groups set up and to ‘package’ it not only in marketing terms but from a technical and end user point of view. If it brings a more coordinated user experience for working in teams and using Office 365 Groups then hey I will wave this flag high and wide.     »» Continue reading