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Podcasts about SharePoint and Office 365


I like podcasts. They can be handy to listen to when out walking, resting. communting or travelling.

Here are the few podcasts that cover SharePoint and Office 365 as well as other Microsoft related areas. Oh and intranets. Can’t leave that out.

The Yaminade (Australia)
There haven’t been any in recent months from Paul Woods but the archive of shows is so well worth a listen if you have an interest in Yammer and enterprise social networking. (ESN).

SharePoint Podcast – in German of course and covers SharePoint (Germany)

Todd Klindt MVP – the more technical side of Microsoft stuff (USA)

SharePoint 2 Guys and SharePoint – wonder what they talk about?     »» Continue reading

Need more focus on the SharePoint User Experience

Despite all the (moslty welcome) changes in SharePoint in the past 12 months or so, my experience shows that users still struggle with the SharePoint interface and how to use it fully. So I enjoyed Marc Anderson’s recent presentation in Holland about improving the SharePoint user experience.

Great book on managing and understanding Office 365

Office365book“Everything you wanted to know about Office 365 but were afraid to ask” is what the Ultimate Guide to Office 365 book should really be called.

Written expertly by the trio of Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham and Michael “Van Hybrid” Van Horenbeeck it is bit of beast coming in at over 800 pages and 24 chapters. So there is a lot of content in it.

But it really does cover pretty much everything about Office 365. Now I’m not an IT Pro as it were or Office 365 Admin but it truly is a very valuable resource to dip into and check the multitude of features and elements of the every growing and continually changing Office 365 landscape.     »» Continue reading

[Video] Coping with change in Office 365

For anyone using Office 365 (and SharePoint Online) the David Bowie song ‘Changes‘ is a constant theme. This video from guys who know their stuff covers a lot of ground epsecially in dealing with user adoption, training and the constant changes in the world of Office 365.

At the Collab365 Summit there was a superb discussion with Captains of SharePoint, Owen Allen (Microsoft), Christian Buckley (Beezy) and Adam Levithan (Metalogix). They specifically discussed the challenges that organizations are facing when using Office 365 (as well as other cloud services) on a daily basis.

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New SharePoint document libraries get attention

Have a look at my short video (only 4 minutes!) on the new user interface for document libraries in SharePoint.

Like many the first I heard of this was in the Office 365 Yammer network (access required) and was pretty surprised. I do like the main part of the doc library now as it brings a consistency to documents between One Drive and SharePoint. It removes the familiar SharePoint UI though which means a little retraining for users.

Not much thankfully, but it will cause confusion. One other thing is that on the left hand navigation menu of the site when in the document library, it shows both the quick launch and top level global navigation as one list which is clunky and would be unworkable on any large site.     »» Continue reading

Five to read – links of the week – April 8


Links of the week – Friday April 8 2016

Five things to read in the ever changing world of SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, collaboration, user adoption and training.

SharePoint 2016: What’s in it for business users?

And two great ones from ShareGate this week:

Setting Goals to Measure the Value of SharePoint

Why Focus Your SharePoint Developments on User Experience?

March 2016 Content Wrap-Up from Christian Buckley

Everything You Need to Master Microsoft Office from Lifehacker

That’s it. Go on, read them.


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And that’s Slack

SlackJust read two interesting articles on Slack, the fast growing digital workplace enterprise tool. First up is a LinkedIn post from James Robertson of Step Two, the intranet consultants in Oz. His team use it and are delighted with it. He gives a nice summary of what it does and what it covers. And then we have Gerry McGovern’s article which focuses on the company’s customer experience efforts. That sets a standard for many companies and organisations to follow and we’d love to see more of it. Of course I am a Microsofty and use many of their tools but even MS can learn from a company like Slack.     »» Continue reading