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Presentation from Dux on SharePoint user adoption

Interesting presentation “How Can IT Inspire, Motivate & Drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption?” from Dux Raymond (and others from Microsoft) at the SharePoint Conference 2014. ‘Focus on the user experience’ is one of they key quotes that I take from it. The poor end user is too often overlooked in many a SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint and Kanban – getting work done?

sharepoint kanban

Kanban has cropped up recently especially after an enjoyable information session (Kanban in SharePoint – SharePoint Without Information) at the SP24 Online SharePoint Conference from Michal Sobotkiewicz. If you can, see his great analogy about information and collaboration using beer, Smarties and golf balls!

I like this short explanation: “Kanban is a flavor of agile that emphasizes the flow and continuous delivery of work.”

So it’s main focus is for project management and of course SharePoint comes into that mix.

Kaban involves columns and cards. The column is the status and the card is the action or task.     »» Continue reading

How do you build a great team site in SharePoint?

The short answer is by being different. The longer answer requires work. Quite a bit of work.

Every team site is different. Very different. Different needs, different uses, different audiences, different goals, different requirements, different processes and so on and on.

So how can you build a proper team site that works?

I’ve built hundreds of team sites on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in two different companies and I can honestly say they have all been different (sorry!). No two were the same in terms of how they looked or how they performed.

Right, what the components of creating a great team site?     »» Continue reading

Using quick guides for training SharePoint End users

Showing people how to use SharePoint either as site owners or just as general users has always been a tricky thing at the best of time. Whether it’s the SharePoint ribbon, the interface itself or just end user impatience, it’s always being a challenge for any intranet or SharePoint manager.

One solution I came up was to create quick guides to using SharePoint as an Announcements list. It only contains 7 items dealing with the most popular uses of SharePoint (uploading documents, setting alerts, integrating with Outlook and so on). More can be added of course. There are two options as to how you can implement it on your site.     »» Continue reading

Using team sites on SharePoint

Team sites are one of the really great things about SharePoint in an intranet environment. It allows project teams, departments, cross functional teams the ability to create their own web space and use it any way they need for their purposes. Over on the Get the Point blog, there is a nice summary of some of the main team site templates and how they can be used.

I liked this example of using the wiki technology.

SharePoint 2010 team sites     »» Continue reading