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Where to get free SharePoint hosting

What is the first things you think of when SharePoint is mentioned?

Expensive, complex, huge, tricky to use, servers, IT expertise and so on.

Surprisingly that is not necessarily the case. And there is one word you thought you would never hear and that is the word ‘free’.

Yes indeed. Free SharePoint. Or free hosting in the cloud to be precise. Go to and get free SharePoint hosting which is certainly helpful to get you off the ground. I would see that as being useful for small business, for non-profits, for project managers, for education, for contractors or developers and for trainers.     »» Continue reading

How to build your own Slideshare on SharePoint & Office 365

SharePoint slideshareIn many SharePoint sites and document libraries, there are loads of PowerPoint presentations buried away that many people don’t get to see. And you have to click on them to open up. What if you could view them easily on the page just like on Slideshare?

You could create a page with common presentations all viewable side by side. It makes it much easier for users to view such presentations without having to click and open the file. And it’s pretty easy to do it in SharePoint.

Note: this solution is for SharePoint 2013.

Step 1
Upload a PowerPoint to a document library or use an existing file.     »» Continue reading

How to improve SharePoint end user adoption

SharePoint end user adoption

“One of the hardest lessons learned by far too many organizations who have deployed SharePoint over the last decade or more is that an end user adoption strategy is critical to success.”

This is the first line from an interview/article with SharePoint MVP Asif Rehmani from top SharePoint and Yammer man, Christian Buckley.

And that comment says it all about the problems that SharePoint has had over the years. It’s strange given the sheer number of SharePoint installations globally that the product itself struggles with end users.

Put it another way. Many organisations have not realised or realised too late that user adoption is critical to success.     »» Continue reading

Video: SharePoint Information Architecture for End Users

The people from the European SharePoint Conference regularly run webinars on all aspects of SharePoint (surprisingly) and Office 365. They had a training week recently which was great (members only but registration is quick). One of the sessions was about SharePoint information archictecture from Marwan Tarek. Now, there is nothing majorly new here but it was a great summary of how to manage documents in SharePoint by thinking about the metadata and the views. Oh, I love views in SharePoint. They are so useful.

Here’s the video:
     »» Continue reading

Have a SharePoint intranet? What analytics you need to measure and why

You have an intranet site using SharePoint, you have users (employees). So what are they using your intranet for? What are they looking at? What are they searching for? What are they downloading? What are they watching? What task are they trying to do? When are they doing all this? Who’s reading the CEO’s monthly message to the troops? That’s the job of web analytics of course.

But listen. It is not all about the metrics or the numbers or magical page views. It is about looking at the outcomes, the trends and the behaviour of users over a period of time.     »» Continue reading

How do you build a great team site in SharePoint?

The short answer is by being different. The longer answer requires work. Quite a bit of work.

Every team site is different. Very different. Different needs, different uses, different audiences, different goals, different requirements, different processes and so on and on.

So how can you build a proper team site that works?

I’ve built hundreds of team sites on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in two different companies and I can honestly say they have all been different (sorry!). No two were the same in terms of how they looked or how they performed.

Right, what the components of creating a great team site?     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Does SharePoint 2013 suck from an end user point of view?

OK now, SharePoint 2013 is out in the wild but of course not many actually real companies with an existing platform are going to jump in right away. And that makes perfect sense of course. Well, does it suck?

I managed to play with the new version a little while ago and here’s my pretty brief view of it.

Now, there are far more experienced SharePoint experts out there who have given the platform a good going over and have peeked in some detail under the hood. This is my initial view of it as an end user, not a developer or techie guru.     »» Continue reading