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New role and a change of direction


Yes I am known for my work with SharePoint, Office 365 and intranets. But it is intranets, digital workplace, enterprise social networks, internal community management and collaboration that I will now be focusing on. From June 19 2017, I am taking up an exciting full time role as Intranet Community Manager with Fenergo, the growing Fintech company based in Dublin. The platform they currently use is Jive Software which will be a new challenge for me and one I am really looking forward to. So SharePoint will take a bit of a back seat for a while as I switch platforms.     »» Continue reading

Some latest updates on intranets

Now I’ve said it before and yes I will say it again, I love intranets. Always have and always will. I know digital workplace is sort of taking over as being a far sexier phrase. But intranets are still very, very relevant.

Anyway here’s three interesting pieces of reading about intranets. Toby Ward talks about the continued growth in the social side of intranets as we see Facebook take strides in that area with their Workplace tool. We also have seen the recent takeover of social collaboration vendor Jive Software which might have implications for that platform.

And of course in the Micrsoft world, things trundle on.     »» Continue reading

Latest updates on Office 365 Groups – yes it’s useful

“Get the Latest on Office 365 Groups – Overview, What’s New and Roadmap” was the presentation at Ignite Australia in February from Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger. Download the PowerPoint as it has a lot of useful details in it.

Microsoft Office 365 Groups is the key component of our group collaboration solution, enabling you to move from task to task with cross application group membership (managed in Azure AD). Office 365 apps that are leveraging groups include Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, OneNote, Skype for Business, Planner, Power BI, and Dynamics CRM. We’ll unlock the following topics: overview & demonstration, administration, and product roadmap.

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Microsoft Teams – another collaboration tool to learn

Microsoft Teams user interface

Microsoft Teams

Yes indeedy. Microsoft have thrown another collaboration and team work tool into an already growing and confusing mix. Microsoft Teams is the name and it’s aimed squarely at Slack and to a lesser extent Workplace at Facebook (another newish entrant into the enterprise chat/collaboration/teamwork sphere – sorry I hate using the word ‘space’.).

At first glance it simply looks like Microsoft have added a more appealing user interface to their existing Office 365 Groups set up and to ‘package’ it not only in marketing terms but from a technical and end user point of view. If it brings a more coordinated user experience for working in teams and using Office 365 Groups then hey I will wave this flag high and wide.     »» Continue reading

IntranetNow was a blast

Last Friday was my first time speaking at a conference. And what a great conference to be speaking at too. It was the IntranetNow conference held along the River Thames in London. You can read a great review of it from Martin White here.

I got to meet people I knew before from previous work as well as people that I have connected with over social media. On top of that it was really great to listen to others share their stories and how they approach working with their intranets. On to the next one…     »» Continue reading

#Yammer is dead? Yammer is not dead. On life support? Doing just nicely?


Microsoft dropped a bit of a bombshell recently by announcing a new Office 365 support network which will replace the existing Yammer Office 365 IT Pro network. You can read the announcement from MS here.

Basically MS don’t want to manage and administer a massive Yammer network when they can have a more open, searchable and usuable online site ( that’s their view, not mine).

Here are two views from two excellent Yammer heads and MVPs, Melanie Hohertz and Naomi Moneypenny.

Irked (For A Different Reason)

The New Office 365 Community for Everyone & Why Microsoft is not using Yammer for it

This was my comment on Melanie’s piece:

My comment to Microsoft is why?

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Five to read – links of the week – April 8


Links of the week – Friday April 8 2016

Five things to read in the ever changing world of SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, collaboration, user adoption and training.

SharePoint 2016: What’s in it for business users?

And two great ones from ShareGate this week:

Setting Goals to Measure the Value of SharePoint

Why Focus Your SharePoint Developments on User Experience?

March 2016 Content Wrap-Up from Christian Buckley

Everything You Need to Master Microsoft Office from Lifehacker

That’s it. Go on, read them.


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