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Podcasts about SharePoint and Office 365


I like podcasts. They can be handy to listen to when out walking, resting. communting or travelling.

Here are the few podcasts that cover SharePoint and Office 365 as well as other Microsoft related areas. Oh and intranets. Can’t leave that out.

The Yaminade (Australia)
There haven’t been any in recent months from Paul Woods but the archive of shows is so well worth a listen if you have an interest in Yammer and enterprise social networking. (ESN).

SharePoint Podcast – in German of course and covers SharePoint (Germany)

Todd Klindt MVP – the more technical side of Microsoft stuff (USA)

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Shock, horror. SharePoint hasn’t died #futureofsharepoint

Future of SharePoint is bright

OK for many in the SharePoint community of geeks and followers (ahem, that would be me..), a big event called the ‘Future of SharePoint’ took place on May 4th. I didn’t get to see any of it as I was travelling but one word shone out for me: intranet. Yes it hasn’t gone away and maybe it’s even becoming sexy again.

Here’s the official word about Sharepoint from Microsoft.
And the Sharegate team provide a quick summary.

But there are two intranet related videos. Both around the mobile view of SharePoint intranets.

So plenty to see and read on where SharePoint is heading.     »» Continue reading

New SharePoint document libraries get attention

Have a look at my short video (only 4 minutes!) on the new user interface for document libraries in SharePoint.

Like many the first I heard of this was in the Office 365 Yammer network (access required) and was pretty surprised. I do like the main part of the doc library now as it brings a consistency to documents between One Drive and SharePoint. It removes the familiar SharePoint UI though which means a little retraining for users.

Not much thankfully, but it will cause confusion. One other thing is that on the left hand navigation menu of the site when in the document library, it shows both the quick launch and top level global navigation as one list which is clunky and would be unworkable on any large site.     »» Continue reading

SharePoint 2016 server. The new AS400?


So, SharePoint 2016 server is getting pushed back 12 months. Benjamin Niaulin from Sharegate talks about it here.

My own view is that SP2016 will be the last on premises server version and Microsoft will update it for a few years. Then unless you move to Office 365, SharePoint On Premises will become something like the AS400 mainframe platform from IBM. Still around, still doing a job, but being customised and tweaked to within an inch of its long life (launched in 1988). And too integrated within an organisation to change it without a massive investment in IT infrastructure. That being said, AS400 works and is still being developed and supported by IBM so if it ain’t broke…..     »» Continue reading

SharePoint & Yammer = Shammer?

In a recent discussion about using SharePoint and Yammer I accidentally used the word ‘Shammer’.  That made us laugh. So I asked Google to see what it would come up with.  And as urban slang, the definition was: ‘The act of not giving a damn and doing as little as possible‘. Which is the very opposite of what SharePoint and Yammer are all about!

And it’s also a small village on the west of Ireland which I didn’t know.

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Presentation from Dux on SharePoint user adoption

Interesting presentation “How Can IT Inspire, Motivate & Drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption?” from Dux Raymond (and others from Microsoft) at the SharePoint Conference 2014. ‘Focus on the user experience’ is one of they key quotes that I take from it. The poor end user is too often overlooked in many a SharePoint implementation.

Making SharePoint more responsive

From a web design point of view, SharePoint 2013 is far more responsive than previous versions. But it is more controlled and less adaptable too. Bit of a contradiction I know, but Microsoft has locked down the visual customization a lot more in SP2013. Still there is a lot more scope for development and design. In terms of creating a mobile ready and responsive site, have a look at ShareBoot. The article shows you the starting point for creating a responsive site in SharePoint. And the video provides more information.

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