Yammer leads the way at intranets event in Dublin

Social intranet – Unily

Delighted to be at an event this week organised by Brightstarr and Microsoft Ireland about intranets, Office 365, the digital workplace and even Yammer. Of course SharePoint got a mention or two! Hosted at the Microsoft office in Sandyford, it was great to see around 30 people at the event.

Brightstarr had organised it to promote their Unily intranet product (based on SharePoint of course). They had brought in one of their key customers in Ireland, ESB Networks, to talk about how they had implemented it in their organisation in the past year or so.

We also had Simon Daly from Microsoft taking us the role of Office 365 in modern intranets.     »» Continue reading

Podcasts about SharePoint and Office 365


I like podcasts. They can be handy to listen to when out walking, resting. communting or travelling.

Here are the few podcasts that cover SharePoint and Office 365 as well as other Microsoft related areas. Oh and intranets. Can’t leave that out.

The Yaminade (Australia)
There haven’t been any in recent months from Paul Woods but the archive of shows is so well worth a listen if you have an interest in Yammer and enterprise social networking. (ESN).

SharePoint Podcast – in German of course and covers SharePoint (Germany)

Todd Klindt MVP – the more technical side of Microsoft stuff (USA)

SharePoint 2 Guys and SharePoint – wonder what they talk about?     »» Continue reading

Confused about Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and more?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Join the club.

Here are five great articles which help explain (somewhat) as to where we are currently and how these collaboration tools can (or can’t be used). It my give you more questions than answers but it will help. Bear in mind Microsoft Teams is in preview or beta and not in a final state. And these tools, as is the way in Office 365, are constantly being updated.

Groups in Outlook vs Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint Online vs Yammer – Jeremy Thake

Behind the Scenes of Office 365 Groups with Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger – Dux Raymond Sy

Hubs, Groups, Teams, Sites – trying to understand them all – Loryan Strant

Microsoft Teams & Office 365: Collaboration Overload?     »» Continue reading

Yammer gets some nice user experience updates

Right, two Yammer posts in a row. Things are certainly looking up for Redmond’s unruly child! The main video is below (7 minutes only) and worth a view especially about user experience changes. You can read some more here on the Yammer updates. Certainly over the past 6 months, you can see many of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes in how users interact with Yammer. And there is more to come.

Along with the work to update and integrate Yammer’s underpinnings, the team has also been advancing user experiences; it’s easier now to navigate conversations and move between unread messages across groups.

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#Yammer is dead? Yammer is not dead. On life support? Doing just nicely?


Microsoft dropped a bit of a bombshell recently by announcing a new Office 365 support network which will replace the existing Yammer Office 365 IT Pro network. You can read the announcement from MS here.

Basically MS don’t want to manage and administer a massive Yammer network when they can have a more open, searchable and usuable online site ( that’s their view, not mine).

Here are two views from two excellent Yammer heads and MVPs, Melanie Hohertz and Naomi Moneypenny.

Irked (For A Different Reason)

The New Office 365 Community for Everyone & Why Microsoft is not using Yammer for it

This was my comment on Melanie’s piece:

My comment to Microsoft is why?

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