EY show how to measure Yammer

The Digital Workplace Group had a very interesting webinar recently in their ongoing Digital Workplace Live sessions on Yammer.


They had two people on from consultants EY (formerly Ernst & Young) who showed how they use and measure their Yammer site. Melissa Williams (Social Enterprise Lead, Assistant Director) Tammy Young-Heck, (Lead, Social Enterprise Adoption, Innovation & Research) gave the presentation.

EY has over 200,000 employees globally and currently 50% of people use the Yammer site regularly.

“The reasoning behind EY’s Yammer implementation will be familiar to many: a desire to increase engagement and collaboration on a global scale” states DWG.

They have multiple groups on their Yammer site and, as part of their measurement process, they create a quarterly scorecard with visitor and engagement metrics for each group. They outline each group based on four phases on community maturity:

–       New
–       Emerging
–       Growing
–       Mature

All groups are compared and benchmarked against each other and all have an owner. So owners get to see the progress (or not) of their group and are given help and support in making improvements. For people with multiple groups, they produced a quarterly dashboard showing all the metrics for all their groups on a single view. The EY team admits it is quite time consuming to produce the scorecards but are in the process of implementing a more automated system.

People’s Yammer profiles are kept simple for global data reasons (name, photo, email, location and department). They do have SharePoint but it is not integrated as yet. Yammer is their centre for global conversations. As we were shown the live site, a common theme was people looking for information on particular topics. That is where Yammer wins big as there is usually someone somewhere in the company that has a report or experience of that topic and they can share that. Problem solved and knowledge shared, collaboration that works.

So, a very impressive look at how a large global organisation is using Yammer. And the important part is how they are measuring its effectiveness in their business.