Follow me, find us on Facebook and Twitter. What about Google+ though?

Practically every advert offline has the icons for Facebook and Twitter. Or the small banners as seen here. Common too are just the F and T icons which are now instantly recognisable by millions*. But what about Google +?

Facebook and Twitter icons

You have the +1 when you want to share a link in Google+ Or as the big G puts it, “Recommend on Search, Share on Google+”


And this one, when you want to do what? Or is it just an icon.

Google +

So pretty much everywhere you have a web site or an offline advert, you see follow us or find us with Facebook and Twitter. I have yet to see one in Ireland for Google+.

You can see more Google+ icons here.

So what’s the point?

Given that G+ was launched in mid 2011, and that FB and Twitter have a head start, it would naturally take time to become more accepted. But is the +1 icon the way to do it? Is it it visually strong enough? Does it show the Google brand?

Short answer is no. Will it in time? They also have the small ‘G+’ icon which is a little confusing as well. Perhaps they didn’t want an alphabet competition between the Ts and the Fs. Of course since early January 2012, the big G has made some changes in how SEO is working and is favouring Google+ sites and people (‘Google Search Plus your world‘ it is called). A further update on this can be found here on Search Engine Land where SEO guru, Andrew Shortland discusses how G+ is the new way of linking for SEO benefits.

So, let battle commence.

* I have zero evidence for this. Just a gut feeling!