Great book on managing and understanding Office 365

Office365book“Everything you wanted to know about Office 365 but were afraid to ask” is what the Ultimate Guide to Office 365 book should really be called.

Written expertly by the trio of Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham and Michael “Van Hybrid” Van Horenbeeck it is bit of beast coming in at over 800 pages and 24 chapters. So there is a lot of content in it.

But it really does cover pretty much everything about Office 365. Now I’m not an IT Pro as it were or Office 365 Admin but it truly is a very valuable resource to dip into and check the multitude of features and elements of the every growing and continually changing Office 365 landscape. It’s available as PDF, ebook/Kindle version. But the best thing about it? It’s been reguarly updated by the authors. So when you buy you can updates as Office 365 changes. I just downloaded my second version which had a huge amount of changes about Office 365 Groups, Planner and Teams in particular.

Here’s the summary from the book:

  • How Microsoft builds and runs the Office 365 infrastructure, and what that means for you.
  • How to make the right decision for migrating your email and collaboration workloads to Office 365.
  • A deep understanding of the complexities of identity management, single sign-on, and directory sync in cloud and hybrid scenarios.
  • How to manage licenses, users, mailboxes, Office 365 Groups, and more.
  • How to use compliance features such as eDiscovery, retention policies, and Information Rights Management to control your critical data.
  • How to audit and report Office 365 activity.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned IT professional, this eBook will provide you with the information you need to confidently take on Office 365 deployment, administration and support roles in your career.

This is the table of contents from my ebook. Pop along here to get it. Best thing you will buy for some time.