Grundfos and their social journey

Grundfos is a Danish engineering company. And they are magnificently open and transparent about how they work. Of course, enterprise social networking and Yammer in particular is a key part in that. But the key phrase they use is ‘social journey’. Which makes sense. Social in the workplace doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it suddenly take off after a few weeks. But they also are keen to talk about the reduction in costs because of their social usage in the company.

They have a blog which outlines their entire social networking approach.

There is an interesting case study which outlines their way of using Yammer. But what they have is a ‘Social Business Cookbook’ which is their excellent guide to using social in their business. This is a must read.

To give you an insight into their culture and employee engagement, the even publish their employee magazines (though they are from 2013).

And finally, this a little old but a nice summary of implementing Yammer in Grundfos:

[slideshare id=17004395&doc=yammer-from0to1500inthreeweeksdownload-130307070851-phpapp01]