How to build your own Slideshare on SharePoint & Office 365

SharePoint slideshareIn many SharePoint sites and document libraries, there are loads of PowerPoint presentations buried away that many people don’t get to see. And you have to click on them to open up. What if you could view them easily on the page just like on Slideshare?

You could create a page with common presentations all viewable side by side. It makes it much easier for users to view such presentations without having to click and open the file. And it’s pretty easy to do it in SharePoint.

Note: this solution is for SharePoint 2013.

Step 1
Upload a PowerPoint to a document library or use an existing file. Click on the ellipse (3 dots) beside the file name. A preview screen will open up. Click on the little document icon at the bottom on click on ‘Embed Information’.
SharePoint slideshare

Step 2
Copy the code from that section. Click OK.
SharePoint slideshare

Step 3
Go to the page where you want to show the slides. Add in a web part called ‘Script Editor’.
SharePoint slideshare

Step 4
Now, go to edit this web part. Click on ‘Edit Snippet’ in the body of the web part and paste in the embedded code from Step 2. It might be a bit small so you change width and height dimensions. Add 200 px to each of them. 550px by 421px is a good size. Try it yourself and see. Click ‘insert’ and save the page to view your work.
SharePoint slideshare

Step 5
And there is the slideshow with controls. You can add multiple web parts to a page and add in other presentations. It all makes for a far more pleasant user experience.

That’s it. Simple. Displays your content and users can see it easily.