How to get much more from Yammer – free ebook

Free Yammer ebook

How to get much more from Yammer – your free ebook

In this FREE 19 page ebook from myself, Andrew Gilleran, you will learn:
– why Yammer can improve your business
– what Yammer does and does well
– how to launch Yammer
– how to measure its impact
– how to get business value out of it

You can download the ebook for free here

Now, a couple of things.

  1. Sure Yammer is a strong internal communications tool but it can work as a collaboration tool across all areas of a business.
  2. It can used for customer communications especially for business to business. Think partners, affiliates, resellers and even suppliers.
  3. Change management is another use for managing communications and feedback.
  4. And it can be a very powerful (not to mention, low cost) communications and collaboration tool for small businesses. (#SMEs).

So go on download the ebook for free

Of course, if you need help with Yammer, go here to find out more.