Training: How to improve your intranet content

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“Our intranet sucks”

Here’s how to fix it: The Intranet Authors Masterclass

What is the problem with creating useful intranet content?

People have been chosen to update their team/department’s section on the intranet. And they may be reluctant to take on the extra work involved. They have received training and guides on how to update their section using their chosen technical platform such as SharePoint. They have been shown how to update content but necessarily WHAT to create.

Then your intranet gets stale. People complain. They stop using it. Content is out of date. Badly written. Confusing. But people are busy in their jobs and struggle to produce decent intranet content. So without decent and regularly updated content your intranet will not be used as much as you would like.

Intranets can be expensive to build and manage. But they are very, very useful and can have major value for an organisation. But you and your users need good content. And they need guidance. Intranets are usually managed by Internal Communications so they know the importance of good content and clear, effective communications.

The Intranet Authors Masterclass will show you and your content team how to create useful, valuable and interesting content to vastly improve your intranet.

What your people will learn

  • How to write interesting headlines to get people to read
  • How to produce a useful opening paragraph and readable text
  • How to use plain English to make your content clearer and jargon free
  • How to link correctly to other pages or documents – click here
  • Avoid the curse of PDFs and PowerPoints and how to improve them
  • How to use photos to support your content
  • How to layout and format text on a page to make it readable on screen
  • How to add a Call to Action if its required

Who is this Masterclass for?

This is practical training for people who produce content on an intranet. They have different names. Intranet Authors. Content Authors. Intranet Publishers. Intranet Content Owners. They are in your organisation and they usually have to create, manage and update content for their part of the intranet such as HR, IT, Finance, Sales, etc.

What is the format?

3 hours on your premises using your own facilities for up to 10 people. It’s short, focused and very practical.

What else do people get?

  • Printed workbook & guide showing techniques used in the Masterclass
  • Access to support site for additional material such as templates and checklists

But is this for SharePoint intranets only?

No, it’s platform neutral. The Masterclass and techniques applies to any intranet platform.

So what experience and knowledge does Andrew Gilleran have then?

Over 15 years building, managing and improving intranets with global and local organisations. And he’s trained hundreds of people how to create valuable content on intranets.

All very well bt how much?

€595 + VAT for up to 10 people for a half day.
In your own offices.
Timings: 9.30am to 12.30pm and/or 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

€795 + VAT for full day with 2 sessions (up to 20 people).

UK/Mainland Europe
Min 1 day (2 sessions for up to 20 people).
€995 + travel expenses. One night hotel minimum.

Wow, great valule, here’s how to book. Just contact me.

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