At last, decent video for SharePoint

Several years ago in the company where I worked, video was introduced for the SharePoint 2010 platform. And what a tricky mess it was. They had to create an automated FTP type system for video uploads. We had to install Microsoft Expressions to create and format video. There was a detailed multi-step process for creating and uploading video and displaying it on the SharePoint intranet.

It was a complex pain in the a**.

Using video in SharePoint 2013 had certainly improved. I built a video channel on a client’s site this year. But it was clunky and usability wasn’t great. I tried a couple of 3rd party apps which improved it a little but not much.

And hey, now we have Office 365 video which looks great. And about time too.

“Office 365 Video provides organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content,” Office 365 senior product manager Mark Kashman says in this blog post.

Paul Thurrott says on his site: “Videos are stored in SharePoint Online and transcoded (for free) via Azure Media Services so that they can be presented in formats suitable for different device types and bandwidth. Permissions are set according to your underlying rights infrastructure on a video channel basis.”

This will have a huge impact on internal communications and training if you are using SharePoint 2013 (online of course, not on-premises). It will be great to be able to display videos properly and to provide online content channels for employees.