Microsoft brings new user experiences to Office 365


Changes to Office 365 continue apace. It’s a constant process and sometimes hard to keep track of. However this time the focus is on the front end and what the user sees. The user experience. This blog post has more details.

There are three main changes:

  1. Quick access to notifications
  2. Updated Help pane and “What’s new” feature introductions
  3. Integration of Skype for Business conversations

Notifications are there already in one form and are a bit annoying. This will bring in more from mail, calendars and groups. Hopefully it won’t be annoying and we can mark content as ‘all read’ which is something of a pain in Yammer.

The Help pane (see image above) is interesting though limited. We will have to wait and see how that one progresses.

Finally integration with Skype fo Business which brings much needed integration for that app into Office 365. This will role out to most tenants over the next couple of months.

Looking to support your own user adoption of SharePoint and Office 365? See here for help.