New Office 365 user adoption guide from Microsoft

Microsoft have released a new guide to User Adoption for Office 365 (PDF). It’s 33 pages and is very detailed. And it’s pretty damn useful. This is a valuable guide for anyone involved in planning and supporting Office 365.

The guide oulines three main phases for user adoption: Envision, Onboard and Drive Value and are based around Microsoft’s existing FastTrack programme.


Office 365 user adoption phases

The user adoption planning also focuses on having the right people on board and working with you to drive adoption. The guide talks about having Success Owners and of course Champions. These are the people on the ground who will help drive user adoption over an extended period. The worst thing about any adoption programme is that it is seen as a project with a start and end date. It’s not. It’s an ongoing journey. And you need people to help you with that.


Office 365 user adoption business scenarios

Another useful area that the guide talks in detail about is business scenarios. Users have to see how it applies to their day to day work. It has to useful, it has to be relevant. It has to have value to them.

Office 365 user adoption success plan

Office 365 user adoption success plan

And of course how do you measure success? I really like this part of the guide and many organisations will too. User Adoption has to be seen to work and to be a success. It’s always been a challenge to measure how successful adopting a new platform is. This will go some way in achieving that.

You can download the Office 365 User Adoption Guide here (PDF)

Matt Wolodarsky was the main author behind this and you can comment on the guide on the Microsoft Tech Community here. I contributed to it in a very, very tiny way as I was interviewed (along with quite a few others) by Matt in his preparation for producing this excellent guide.

Office 365 user adoption guide