Nice selection of SharePoint & Yammer presentations

Here’s my pick of the presentations from the SharePoint Europe Conference earlier in 2014. Yes the main focus is on Yammer and enterprise social collaboration but there is a good mix. I particularly liked Symon Garfield’s presentation on adoption and company culture and how that impacts on employees using these new tools for work. Jasper Oosterveld’s is another. I see Yammer and SharePoint Online as being such a useful platform for external collaboration and extranets.

But there is a good selection there to get you thinking. You do have to register to download the presentations.

Keynote 3: Make Social Successful
Christian Buckley, MVP, Metalogix and Mark Kashman, Microsoft, USA

So You’ve Got Yammer and SharePoint – What Next?
Naomi Moneypenny, ManyWorlds, Inc., USA

Yammer For Developers
Christian Glessner, MVP, iLove SharePoint, Germany

How the New SharePoint/Yammer Platform Will Give You Superpowers
Mark Fidelman, Evolve! Inc, USA

External Collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer
Jasper Oosterveld, MVP, Sparked, Netherlands

The Shocking Secrets of User Adoption with SharePoint and Yammer
Symon Garfield, MVP, Wipro Technologies, United Kingdom

Why we Stopped using E-Mails for Internal Communication
Samuel Zuercher, Experts Inside, Switzerland

That’s it, enjoy.