How your organisation can be more responsive

Reading up on the lately. They look at how organisations and companies handle change, how quickly they adapt the impact of the changes. Coming from a financial services background I know how slow they were to come up with new products for example or react to the impact of social media and mobile. But lots of companies are like that. An old cliché is that they change direction like oil tankers.

Of course, you cannot change an oil tanker into a nimble speed boat! But you can make changes to improve things. Perhaps there are too many silos in a company and knowledge sharing is poor. Improving that will certainly make a difference to the company and its employees. And yes, easier said than done. There is a whole lot of planning and implementation to making changes internally but they can be done. And more importantly in the highly competitive global market we are in now, it must be done.

Have a look at this presentation on Yammer and responsiveness. It’s a starting point.