Plug and play employees

Jobs for life are well gone at this stage. This article in the Financial Times (registration required) talks about the difficulty of recruiting, training, keeping and motivating people who are likely to have between 15 and 20 jobs over the lifetime of work. That ‘plug and play’ employee concept whereby a person fits straight into a role is a pipe dream. But at the same time, companies bemoan the fact that it is difficult to find and keep skilled people.

But companies can’t have it both ways. Redundancy programmes to get rid of long serving (i.e. expensive) employees are all too common. They are then sometimes replaced with younger, cheaper models. And surprisingly that doesn’t always work out. Surveys too show that employee engagement is a problem for companies. But of course it is!!

I like the comment in the article (see image) about ‘belonging’ and short term contractors. Where does employee engagement come into that? It doesn’t. If employees don’t have some connection or sense of belonging to their employer, well it’s not going to turn out well, is it?

Employee engagement

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