Podcasts about SharePoint and Office 365


I like podcasts. They can be handy to listen to when out walking, resting. communting or travelling.

Here are the few podcasts that cover SharePoint and Office 365 as well as other Microsoft related areas. Oh and intranets. Can’t leave that out.

The Yaminade (Australia)
There haven’t been any in recent months from Paul Woods but the archive of shows is so well worth a listen if you have an interest in Yammer and enterprise social networking. (ESN).

SharePoint Podcast – in German of course and covers SharePoint (Germany)

Todd Klindt MVP – the more technical side of Microsoft stuff (USA)

SharePoint 2 Guys and SharePoint – wonder what they talk about? (South Africa)

Microsoft Cloud Show – technical but business too on Azure and Office 365 (USA)

Micrsoft Developer Podcast – aimed at developers but useful for non techies too (USA)

Call that girl Office 365 show – great for users and managers of Office 365 (USA)

CIAOPS Podcast (Austraila) – Office 365, Microsoft and more

Digital Workplace Impact Podcast. (UK). Not strictly SharePoint or Office 365 but relevant to intranets and the digital workplace.

SharePoint Sherpa Podcast (USA). Nice collection of podcasts about some little known collaboration and document management platform….

IT Groove Podcast (USA). A new addition. And their aim is to be short and sharp talking about Sharepoint in around 10 minutes. Fair play!

Laura Rodgers Power Hour (USA)
I call this one a visual podcast even though it is on YouTube! Always worth a visit.

Intranatter podcast (UK). Again not strictly SharePoint but focused on intranets and enterprise social networks. From the Intranetizen crew.