Project Siena – how to create a Windows app


So what is Project Siena?

“Project Siena is a breakthrough technology that enables your business experts, analysts, and imagineers to create transformative business apps. With Siena, they can now build custom apps with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required.”

In a nutshell? Using content & data in SharePoint/Office 365 you can create user friendly visual ways to present this content online. So yes it links closely to SharePoint. Basically it is one of putting a very nice face on the standard SharePoint user interface (UI). Siena is Windows 10 tool that allows you to create these visuals and connect them to a SharePoint site. They of course can be viewed on a SharePoint site.

I saw a webinar demo recently from SharePoint MVP, Knut Relbe-Moe and he showed how these visuals can be made. Simple? No. But it is not that hard and it doesn’t involve code. Very advanced PowerPoint I would call it! For me, the major potential use of it is to create visually appealing views of content, information and data that exists in many SharePoint sites to help end users. It has great potential for the likes of internal communications, HR and training.

Have a look at Knut’s slides below or you can check out the video for the full demo here.