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How to write something that will get attention, even on an intranet

Well, does that headline work?

It’s a start anyway. I’ve been copywriting in many different forms for about 20 years now. Direct mail, advertising, PR, brochures, email and of course on the web.  But is there a formula for getting it right?

Yes, the headline is pretty critical to getting people to read on. But there can be a structure your writing or content that will bring it all together in as simple a way as possible.

Over on Copyblogger, Sonia Simone goes through the 4 ways of preparing your writing: ‘The 1-2-3-4 Formula for Persuasive Copy’.

To quote the formula:
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Adman and direct marketing guru from days past, David Ogilvy, talks about the importance of direct response advertising and what works and doesn’t work. What’s that got to do with the web? Everything. It’s all about measurement and what works (and doesn’t work). On the web, you know that 100%.