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ViewPoint: Why leave digital marketing to an intern?

You’re lying in a hospital bed and two doctors come along. One tells you that you need surgery and that this new young junior doctor will perform it. Oh and it’s his first operation. He’s an intern, you see. Has to start somewhere, doesn’t he?

Well yes you would be thrilled to hear that now, wouldn’t you?

So why do some many companies entrust the most public marketing communications with their customers (digital and social media) to interns??

OK a bit of a leap from surgery to updating a Facebook page but you get my point, I hope.

Here in Ireland, I see a load of job adverts for ‘digital marketing executives’ and they make me laugh most of the time.     »» Continue reading

Marketing execs falling behind the digital learning curve

Well are they? Less so that it’s the marketing people, more like their bosses and clients. Digital has swept all before it. But don’t forget, it is just another channel. Important yes. But it is not the be all and end all of marketing.

Says he, blogging and tweeting about it…

Marketing execs falling behind the digital learning curve     »» Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: who’s doing what and why

The Social Media Examiner web site has produced its annual report into Social Media Marketing. And interesting reading it makes too.

The report covers the following:

– The top 10 social media questions marketers want answered:
– The time given to social media
– benefits of social media marketing
– Commonly used social media services:
– Social media sites people want to learn more about
– Social media outsourcing
– B2B vs B2C
– Changes since the 2011 report

59% of respondents said they 6 hours or more a week on Social Media marketing. Facebook (of course), Twitter and LinkedIn are the top 3 services.     »» Continue reading

New media, social media and dead trees – try a Danish

Looking to read some fascintating insights into new/social/non printed media? Of course you are. Well, try Thomas Baekdal from Demark. His site has a whole pile of great articles on a range of web and media related topics and the design is wonderful. He also have a few books as well. If you’re a publisher or look after a news site, then this is the guy you should be reading. Smart and intelligent writing, he makes it look easy. Take this article title: “The Page View Conundrum and The Traffic Whores” and if that doesn’t make you read on, nothing will.     »» Continue reading

Digital marketing – the rules for your future?

It’s that man Avinash Kaushik again, analytics guru. But this time it’s not about data as such, well not much. It’s about the broader area of digital marketing and “unimaginative web strategies”. He titles it ‘The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change or Perish’ which is modest. But as always, Avinash knows how to present his always compelling case.

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