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Is the digital workplace a ‘skivers paradise’?

Now isn’t that a great headline? Sharon O’Dea (@sharonodea) writes an informative article about the digital workplace. She’s quoting London Mayor Boris Johnson who says that working from home is a skiver’s paradise especially in relation to the upcoming Olympics.

She goes on to write about the ‘top five tips for making a success of flexible working’ which certainly makes a lot of sense. We have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of flexible working but some managers can’t operate unless all their people are sitting faithfully at their desks in front of them.     »» Continue reading

Yammer and Microsoft are hitched. Official. But….

Yes, rings have been exchanged and the prenups signed.  Top MS Office honcho, Kurt DelBene talks about the deal in his blog. This quote didn’t fill me with joy:

“It also enables IT departments to easily transition an employee driven initiative into a managed, social-networking solution.”

The italics are mine. Now, hands up those who think an IT department are the true custodians for such an implentation in any workplace? Yes, you down the back?

No, I didn’t think so. IT need to work with a few other areas to implement this sort of set up in an organisation.     »» Continue reading

Yammering SharePoint – is that a social workplace I see in your pocket?

Back in March, Jared Spataro, Senior Director, SharePoint Product Management over at Microsoft did a live web chat about the social workplace on Facebook, which was certainly interesting. And much more so now with the expected deal with to take over Yammer, the social enterprise web service.

Let’s take a couple of quotes from Jared:

“Microsoft’s vision for enterprise social – that it should be about task completion and getting real work done vs. simply trying to do Facebook for the enterprise”

“Enterprise social tools should be connected to things like team sites, email, instant messaging, and other communication tools — and centered on specific processes or projects.     »» Continue reading

Intranet Benchmarking Forum gives 10 lessons for Intranets

The Intranet Benchmarking Forum is 10 years old in June and will mark it with a special online event. And to kick it off, IBF CEO and Founder Paul Miller talks about 10 lessons from those 10 years working with intranets.

I liked Lesson 6:

Lesson 6 – Every organization gets the intranet it deserves – they hold a mirror to your company – that’s a useful fact to notice.”

     »» Continue reading

Digital workplace: “The future of work?”

Top Australian intranet consultant, James Robertson, has an excellent article on the digital workplace and how it’s going to evolve over the next few years.

James indentifies six keys for the digital workplace:

  1. identity
  2. awareness
  3. trust
  4. access
  5. design
  6. value

 I added this comment:

“The last one, value, though, is from a business/stakeholder perspective, the most critical. We have to be able to measure the impact and value of what the digital workplace can do. Metrics that senior managers can understand have to be front and centre. Otherwise it will just be a shiny IT and Communications toy.”     »» Continue reading