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LOTW: New service will do analytics on a Facebook page

LOTW: Link of the Week

Trackalyse is a service from a Dublin based company set up in 2011. “Our aim is to work with our customers to run better Facebook Fan Pages by giving them a behind the scenes look at how the best pages or indeed their competitors are engaging and growing. “

Going to set up it up on my Ekids Facebook page (Entertaining Kids in Dublin) to see how it goes.

LOTW: New service will do analytics on a Facebook page     »» Continue reading

So what’s been popular on Facebook in 2011?

What were people talking about this year on Facebook? Well here you go. It’s obviously related to current news events and as you can see some only last 24 hours or so so. Though Charlie Sheen seems to have rumbled on a little longer. Not really a spike more a speed bump though.

In this blog post from the Facebook data team, they go into more details on the trends and in particular the remarkable trend of “hmu, lms or tbh, each year brings a new set of three letter acronyms that go viral.” Oh and have a look at ‘planking’ while you’re at it.     »» Continue reading

Metrics and Facebook

I had been thinking the other day about how companies can track their activities in FB so had a look around. This short article gives a nice overview. However it was this detailed article on using Google Analytics to have a detailed look at your FB site that caught the eye.  Certainly a bit fiddly to set up but if you’re FB pages are getting good traffic then it’s worth getting the extra value from GA. And it’s free.     »» Continue reading