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Come along to the new ICE UnConference


What are your internal communications challenges?

ICE Comms UnConference 2015

Date: Wed 9 September 2015

Time: 6-8pm

Venue: AIB Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Register here – it’s free

Why attend?
This is the first free event of its kind in Ireland for internal communications and employee engagement professionals and is organised by the Internal Communications & Engagement (ICE) group on LinkedIn.

It is a great opportunity to network, to share ideas, knowledge, issues and success stories with your peers. The event is not about you sitting there, listening to speakers, looking at PowerPoint slides and clapping politely. It is much more than that.     »» Continue reading

At last, decent video for SharePoint

Several years ago in the company where I worked, video was introduced for the SharePoint 2010 platform. And what a tricky mess it was. They had to create an automated FTP type system for video uploads. We had to install Microsoft Expressions to create and format video. There was a detailed multi-step process for creating and uploading video and displaying it on the SharePoint intranet.

It was a complex pain in the a**.

Using video in SharePoint 2013 had certainly improved. I built a video channel on a client’s site this year. But it was clunky and usability wasn’t great. I tried a couple of 3rd party apps which improved it a little but not much.     »» Continue reading

Looking to start off with Yammer and Enterprise Social Networking?

Of course you are. Or maybe it’s passing you by. Then maybe you just don’t give a damn! Still, here’s a starting point with 7 articles to get you thinking, doing and running with Enterprise Social Networking and Yammer.

What is it and why should I care?

Here’s one definition:

“Enterprise social networking is an organisation’s use of social media, internally, to connect individuals who share similar business interests or activities. Social tools can help employees to access the knowledge and resources they need to work together effectively and solve business problems”

A big problem is many businesses is harnessing information.     »» Continue reading

The 10 Best Intranets of 2013 according to Nielsen Norman Group

Straight out of the traps for the New Year is usability guru Jakob Nielsen awards for the top intranets. There are a few interesting titbits from it but from  a SharePoint perspective the reports states that 70% of the winners use SharePoint which is interesting. Jakob gives a bit more detail in the summary.
And I’ll use this quote from the report:

“Among this year’s winners, 70% use Microsoft SharePoint in some way to create their wonderful intranets. We typically avoid making recommendations about specific intranet software and development tools because such recommendations are typically too narrow and short-lived for a broad design audience.

     »» Continue reading

Are you an intranet manager hiding in the USA?

Nice article over at Intranetizen about wondering why there were few intranet managers from the USA.  Here’s my view:

Intranet is an old, unsexy word these days and very few people want to be called ‘Intranet Manager’. That just doesn’t cut it when you’re up against digital marketing and social media jockeys!

But the role itself is also much broader for many now. I do internal communications as well as the intranet so that’s where the role usually ends up as a member of a communications team.     »» Continue reading

Great article from Sharon O’Dea called ‘The Digital Workplace Hype Cycle‘ which outlines the introduction, adoption, acceptance and indeed unacceptance of innovations and tecnology on intranets. There’s initial excitement when something new is introduced on an intranet and then it becomes routine and expected. Then people want to see what’s next and what new innovations can be brought in. Go read it, it’s good.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Is your site content written in Plain English? And why does it matter?


That is not a word that is used too often but it is a good one. According to the Encarta dictionary, it is ‘silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk’.

Why use it now? Well, the Plain English Campaign have a free tool called Drivel Defence. Basically, you can put your writing through it and it will tell you if it is in ‘Plain English’ or not.

The story and activity behind the UK based Plain English Campaign is a good one. One woman in Liverpool (Chrissie Maher OBE) took it upon herself to change how documents were written for ordinary people and to try and rid the world of jargon.     »» Continue reading