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Presentation from Dux on SharePoint user adoption

Interesting presentation “How Can IT Inspire, Motivate & Drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption?” from Dux Raymond (and others from Microsoft) at the SharePoint Conference 2014. ‘Focus on the user experience’ is one of they key quotes that I take from it. The poor end user is too often overlooked in many a SharePoint implementation.

The 10 best intranets – the Jakob Nielsen report is out

An always interesting view of intranets over the past 12 months from Jakob Nielsen and the Neilsen Norman Group.

Here’s the summary:

“Intranet team sizes continue to grow at a slow but steady pace, while smaller organizations are producing the best intranets. Focusing on Agile development and wireframing methods, intranet teams are completing design and deployment within much shorter timeframes.”

But it’s the feature trends that spark some interest.

  • Carousels
  • Persistent right rail
  • Functional footers
  • Local search
  • Mega menus, present but shrinking.
  • Filmstrip
  • Flat and boxy
  • Social

Nothing too mad there but one thing is always constant on pretty much any intranet and that is the battle for space and eyeballs on the home page.     »» Continue reading

My favourite experts on SharePoint, intranets and enterprise social networking.

Some of my favourite bloggers and experts on SharePoint, intranets and enterprise social networking. There are many, many more.

Jeremy Thake

James Robertson

Christian Buckley

Ellen van Aken

Bjorn Furukknap

Richard Harbridge

Wendy Neal
http://www.sharepointwendy.com/      »» Continue reading

Intranet news: Employees don’t look back, don’t use subject tags or categories


A quick glance at the metrics for an intranet site I used to work on showed that hardly any employees look at old news and didn’t use the subject categories to sort their views of news.

Of course it can vary from company to company but old news is just that on a company intranet. Old news is old news it seems. If they want to find something older they will naturally use search.

So if it’s on the home page, it will be looked at but once it’s gone that’s more or less it. No real surprise there to be honest as not many look at old news anyway.     »» Continue reading

The 10 Best Intranets of 2013 according to Nielsen Norman Group

Straight out of the traps for the New Year is usability guru Jakob Nielsen awards for the top intranets. There are a few interesting titbits from it but from  a SharePoint perspective the reports states that 70% of the winners use SharePoint which is interesting. Jakob gives a bit more detail in the summary.
And I’ll use this quote from the report:

“Among this year’s winners, 70% use Microsoft SharePoint in some way to create their wonderful intranets. We typically avoid making recommendations about specific intranet software and development tools because such recommendations are typically too narrow and short-lived for a broad design audience.

     »» Continue reading

Survey: SharePoint puzzle. And more.

Another presentation from Christian Buckley. This time a survey of companies using SharePoint. The overall impressions that you get is: a) companies are using it in many different ways and b) they are not really clear as to what they are using it for. But to me this was the clincher:

In response to: What is the biggest ongoing issues with SharePoint?

“Lack of expertise to maximize its usefulness” was No.1. Lack of strategic planning was next followed by ‘user resistence to commit documents’.

The upshot? As a platform it needs to be managed. All the time. And resources have to be committed to SharePoint.     »» Continue reading