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Are you an intranet manager hiding in the USA?

Nice article over at Intranetizen about wondering why there were few intranet managers from the USA.  Here’s my view:

Intranet is an old, unsexy word these days and very few people want to be called ‘Intranet Manager’. That just doesn’t cut it when you’re up against digital marketing and social media jockeys!

But the role itself is also much broader for many now. I do internal communications as well as the intranet so that’s where the role usually ends up as a member of a communications team.     »» Continue reading

Great article from Sharon O’Dea called ‘The Digital Workplace Hype Cycle‘ which outlines the introduction, adoption, acceptance and indeed unacceptance of innovations and tecnology on intranets. There’s initial excitement when something new is introduced on an intranet and then it becomes routine and expected. Then people want to see what’s next and what new innovations can be brought in. Go read it, it’s good.     »» Continue reading

SharePoint and Intranet Design

Top usability man, Jakob Nielsen, had an article last month ‘Does SharePoint Destroy Intranet Design?’ As with most of Jakob’s writing it is clear and concise.

To stop you going mad with concern over the answer, no, SharePoint doesn’t kill design. He goes on to show numerous examples of how intranets are designed on SharePoint and a decent job they do of it.

However, have a look at the four examples he gives. See how much information/content is contained in each of the homepages (I assume).  They are crammed with detail, with links, with headlines and more. Intranets by and large have lots of content on their home page.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Is the Social workplace too touchy feely?

“Can our intranet be more like Facebook?”

Indeed. Nearly a billion users can’t be wrong, can they? The last few years has seen a big interest in the development of so called ‘social intranets’ or the social workplace. And with Microsoft’s takeover of social workplace and collaboration platform, Yammer, it’s been getting plenty of attention lately.

But what is it? And what’s the point of it all? Lots of questions being asked of the social workplace and everyone is looking for some decent answers. Do senior management see it as too ‘touchy feely’ and not useful for business?

Many intranets were developed to have a top down vertical flow of information and content.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Is your site content written in Plain English? And why does it matter?


That is not a word that is used too often but it is a good one. According to the Encarta dictionary, it is ‘silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk’.

Why use it now? Well, the Plain English Campaign have a free tool called Drivel Defence. Basically, you can put your writing through it and it will tell you if it is in ‘Plain English’ or not.

The story and activity behind the UK based Plain English Campaign is a good one. One woman in Liverpool (Chrissie Maher OBE) took it upon herself to change how documents were written for ordinary people and to try and rid the world of jargon.     »» Continue reading

8 ways SharePoint 2010 can help internal communications

Nice summary of some of the ways SharePoint can help internal communications.  I added this comment:

“We use most of the above on our SharePoint 2010 though the polls/survey feature is a bit weak in look & feel as are the discussion forums. Hopefully the next version of SP will improve surveys, blogs and the discussion functionality. We use comment web parts on many of our news stories as well which does work well and allows people to ask questions or give feedback.”

8 ways SharePoint 2010 can help internal communications      »» Continue reading