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ViewPoint: Who cares about the SharePoint end user?

Let’s look at who that SharePoint End User is, what they do and do they need some love.

To me and End User is the person who uses SharePoint on a daily basis to do their job. But it’s not that simple. No, it never is with SharePoint. End User Adoption is one of the main issues facing any SharePoint implementation. In other words, how do we get people to use it properly especially on intranets?

Bear in mind that these ‘people’ are just your average worker doing their job and they don’t have much time to figure out the ins and outs of the ribbon.     »» Continue reading

Key presentations from Intranets 2012 in Sidney

An interesting mix of presentations from Step Two’s Intranets 2012 Conference in Australia in mid May. Something for everyone as they say.

Though I did like this subject line from one presentation: “The “I don’t want to learn anything new” intranet — a SharePoint intranet for 21 to 75 year olds”  – it’s here if you’re interested.

Key presentations from Intranets 2012 in Sidney     »» Continue reading

Intranet Benchmarking Forum gives 10 lessons for Intranets

The Intranet Benchmarking Forum is 10 years old in June and will mark it with a special online event. And to kick it off, IBF CEO and Founder Paul Miller talks about 10 lessons from those 10 years working with intranets.

I liked Lesson 6:

Lesson 6 – Every organization gets the intranet it deserves – they hold a mirror to your company – that’s a useful fact to notice.”

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LOTW: Intranets and business intelligence

LOTW: Link of the Week

Another interesting article from James Roberson. He talks about the importance of putting business intelligence in front of managers on intranet dashboards.

To quote:

“Strong data and business analysis skills must be combined with great user experience (UX) techniques to deliver dashboards that work well. And again, the intranet plays a vital role in giving visibility and access to these dashboards.”

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Digital workplace: “The future of work?”

Top Australian intranet consultant, James Robertson, has an excellent article on the digital workplace and how it’s going to evolve over the next few years.

James indentifies six keys for the digital workplace:

  1. identity
  2. awareness
  3. trust
  4. access
  5. design
  6. value

 I added this comment:

“The last one, value, though, is from a business/stakeholder perspective, the most critical. We have to be able to measure the impact and value of what the digital workplace can do. Metrics that senior managers can understand have to be front and centre. Otherwise it will just be a shiny IT and Communications toy.”     »» Continue reading

12 SharePoint quotes but maybe not what Microsoft would want

These great ‘Quotes of the Conference’ came from ‘Intranteam‘ an intranet conference in Denmark recently. My colleague, Luke Mepham, (@lukemepham) brought it to my attention and it’s worthy of yours. I like No.10, though No.11 is a cracker.

1. With SharePoint, you can do everything, if you have enough money, time and ibuprofen

2. Social collaboration leads to value creation

3. For collaboration projects emphasize education over training. The why can be more important than the how.

4. Don’t use the words “social”, “media” or any combination of the two when talking to executives

5. Networking emerges from collaboration and not the other way.     »» Continue reading