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At last, decent video for SharePoint

Several years ago in the company where I worked, video was introduced for the SharePoint 2010 platform. And what a tricky mess it was. They had to create an automated FTP type system for video uploads. We had to install Microsoft Expressions to create and format video. There was a detailed multi-step process for creating and uploading video and displaying it on the SharePoint intranet.

It was a complex pain in the a**.

Using video in SharePoint 2013 had certainly improved. I built a video channel on a client’s site this year. But it was clunky and usability wasn’t great. I tried a couple of 3rd party apps which improved it a little but not much.     »» Continue reading

Presentation from Dux on SharePoint user adoption

Interesting presentation “How Can IT Inspire, Motivate & Drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption?” from Dux Raymond (and others from Microsoft) at the SharePoint Conference 2014. ‘Focus on the user experience’ is one of they key quotes that I take from it. The poor end user is too often overlooked in many a SharePoint implementation.

Attend a SharePoint conference for nothing

It is a bit tricky for many people to head off to Las Vegas to the annual SharePoint shindig. Never mind the cost but asking your boss for the company to send you to Vegas is pushing it a bit. Even if Bill Cinton will be there.

So you have a nice alternative from the comfort of your home or desk in SP24. 

SP24 will last for 24 hours and will comprise of 48 sessions running across a business and technical track. SP24 will be held on-line using live streaming and will feature many speakers who have been voted for by the community, plus a few well knowns!     »» Continue reading

Workflows, workflows, SharePoint 2013 workflows

Now, there are quite a few decent people around the world that provide some great insight into using SharePoint. Not just using it but really, really USING it. And Aussie man, Paul Culmsee, is certainly one of those.

He’s kicking off the New Year with a whopping 11 part series of articles on SharePoint 2013 workflows. I’ve been getting to grips with 2010 workflows in past year so at the moment it is not directly relevant for me as such. But it is very useful as a guide and the principles are similar.

     »» Continue reading

How do you build a great team site in SharePoint?

The short answer is by being different. The longer answer requires work. Quite a bit of work.

Every team site is different. Very different. Different needs, different uses, different audiences, different goals, different requirements, different processes and so on and on.

So how can you build a proper team site that works?

I’ve built hundreds of team sites on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in two different companies and I can honestly say they have all been different (sorry!). No two were the same in terms of how they looked or how they performed.

Right, what the components of creating a great team site?     »» Continue reading