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Eh? A privacy policy in plain English? Incredible

Have you seen LinkedIn’s new Privacy Policy?

Nicely presented, well laid out and written in easy to understand language. I have to say I was impressed. They certainly spent a good deal of time putting that together. And well done to them for that. We’ve all skipped the those software terms & conditions (just click ‘Accept’) because they are a legal sleeping pill. And written by highly paid legal eagles too no doubt. Of course that is why they are highly paid because they write crap only other highly paid legal eagles can understand and who charge to decipher it.     »» Continue reading

I popped into the Facebook App store for the first time. I clicked on any link on the page and this error message popped up each time. I mean really, that’s just shocking.

‘Sorry we got confused’.

What sort of web design is that in this day and age if clicking a link gives that message? Using Firefox 15 by the way.     »» Continue reading

Yammering SharePoint – is that a social workplace I see in your pocket?

Back in March, Jared Spataro, Senior Director, SharePoint Product Management over at Microsoft did a live web chat about the social workplace on Facebook, which was certainly interesting. And much more so now with the expected deal with to take over Yammer, the social enterprise web service.

Let’s take a couple of quotes from Jared:

“Microsoft’s vision for enterprise social – that it should be about task completion and getting real work done vs. simply trying to do Facebook for the enterprise”

“Enterprise social tools should be connected to things like team sites, email, instant messaging, and other communication tools — and centered on specific processes or projects.     »» Continue reading