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ViewPoint: Does SharePoint 2013 suck from an end user point of view?

OK now, SharePoint 2013 is out in the wild but of course not many actually real companies with an existing platform are going to jump in right away. And that makes perfect sense of course. Well, does it suck?

I managed to play with the new version a little while ago and here’s my pretty brief view of it.

Now, there are far more experienced SharePoint experts out there who have given the platform a good going over and have peeked in some detail under the hood. This is my initial view of it as an end user, not a developer or techie guru.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Are Irish companies ready for the social enterprise?

Many Irish companies are just coming to grips with the digital marketing age of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the others. And many are struggling to get a handle on it. They are slowly realising that it requires dedicated resources to create and manage digital platforms. It is not something that can be done on a wing and a prayer.

Internally, companies have been adopting internal web sites/platforms or intranets to share and store information for years with collaboration, document management, management information and knowledge sharing being the main drivers of this.

But that area is also changing.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: So SharePoint sucks, eh?

Three recent articles on SharePoint usage and deployment in business have been interesting to say the least. They also have a common theme.

SharePoint sucks!

Ah no, I’m joking. But it’s not far off. The common theme is about how SharePoint is used (or more likely not used) within a business.

Take this first article from Matt Roseff of CITE World. “How did SharePoint become the poster child for bad enterprise software?”

To be fair it’s a good headline but reading it further it doesn’t demonstrate a lot of what is wrong with SharePoint. What it does do is have a couple of SharePoint competitors to put their case (Huddle being one of them).     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Why leave digital marketing to an intern?

You’re lying in a hospital bed and two doctors come along. One tells you that you need surgery and that this new young junior doctor will perform it. Oh and it’s his first operation. He’s an intern, you see. Has to start somewhere, doesn’t he?

Well yes you would be thrilled to hear that now, wouldn’t you?

So why do some many companies entrust the most public marketing communications with their customers (digital and social media) to interns??

OK a bit of a leap from surgery to updating a Facebook page but you get my point, I hope.

Here in Ireland, I see a load of job adverts for ‘digital marketing executives’ and they make me laugh most of the time.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: What can SharePoint analytics tell you about your intranet?

Ah metrics. Who looked at what and when. Not really why as such but you have to think about that.

In SharePoint, like any intranet or web site, seeing who looked at what is obviously essential to understanding whether your intranet works or not. Compared to, say, an ecommerce site, an intranet doesn’t have commercial or sales related goals as such. But it should have goals, you should be able to determine outcomes from your intranet. Otherwise what’s the point of having one? ROI is crucial of course and metrics can go some way in helping that.

In SharePoint 2010, the web analytics can be useful to provide some metrics for a site collection or team site.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Is the Social workplace too touchy feely?

“Can our intranet be more like Facebook?”

Indeed. Nearly a billion users can’t be wrong, can they? The last few years has seen a big interest in the development of so called ‘social intranets’ or the social workplace. And with Microsoft’s takeover of social workplace and collaboration platform, Yammer, it’s been getting plenty of attention lately.

But what is it? And what’s the point of it all? Lots of questions being asked of the social workplace and everyone is looking for some decent answers. Do senior management see it as too ‘touchy feely’ and not useful for business?

Many intranets were developed to have a top down vertical flow of information and content.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Is your site content written in Plain English? And why does it matter?


That is not a word that is used too often but it is a good one. According to the Encarta dictionary, it is ‘silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk’.

Why use it now? Well, the Plain English Campaign have a free tool called Drivel Defence. Basically, you can put your writing through it and it will tell you if it is in ‘Plain English’ or not.

The story and activity behind the UK based Plain English Campaign is a good one. One woman in Liverpool (Chrissie Maher OBE) took it upon herself to change how documents were written for ordinary people and to try and rid the world of jargon.     »» Continue reading

ViewPoint: Who cares about the SharePoint end user?

Let’s look at who that SharePoint End User is, what they do and do they need some love.

To me and End User is the person who uses SharePoint on a daily basis to do their job. But it’s not that simple. No, it never is with SharePoint. End User Adoption is one of the main issues facing any SharePoint implementation. In other words, how do we get people to use it properly especially on intranets?

Bear in mind that these ‘people’ are just your average worker doing their job and they don’t have much time to figure out the ins and outs of the ribbon.     »» Continue reading