The 10 Best Intranets of 2013 according to Nielsen Norman Group

Straight out of the traps for the New Year is usability guru Jakob Nielsen awards for the top intranets. There are a few interesting titbits from it but from  a SharePoint perspective the reports states that 70% of the winners use SharePoint which is interesting. Jakob gives a bit more detail in the summary.
And I’ll use this quote from the report:

“Among this year’s winners, 70% use Microsoft SharePoint in some way to create their wonderful intranets. We typically avoid making recommendations about specific intranet software and development tools because such recommendations are typically too narrow and short-lived for a broad design audience. However, given the prevalence of SharePoint use among this year’s winners—and the growth in SharePoint use in general—we’ll share here some of the winning team members’ tales of SharePoint-related gladness and anguish.”

I like that last word! It sums up the many potential issues that SharePoint has but then again it is no different than other platforms. However, he does make comments about the importance of educating end users in using the likes of team sites and the social networking end of SharePoint.

When it comes to SharePoint, too many companies do the ‘Field of Dreams’ approach. It doesn’t work. Users need on-going guidance, help and support to fully squeeze that value out of SharePoint.