Where to get free SharePoint hosting

What is the first things you think of when SharePoint is mentioned?

Expensive, complex, huge, tricky to use, servers, IT expertise and so on.

Surprisingly that is not necessarily the case. And there is one word you thought you would never hear and that is the word ‘free’.

Yes indeed. Free SharePoint. Or free hosting in the cloud to be precise. Go to https://www.cloudappsportal.com and get free SharePoint hosting which is certainly helpful to get you off the ground. I would see that as being useful for small business, for non-profits, for project managers, for education, for contractors or developers and for trainers.

Here are some possible uses:

– Extranet for customers to share documents and collaborate

– Education: student & teacher projects

– Intranet for small businesses

– Document management for any organisation that needs to store, manage and share documents

– Project management (for teams and especially with external partners or companies)

– Developer test site for playing around with ideas

– Training site for trainers to create training plans and examples

So you see, plenty of options there. Of course, SharePoint’s main claim to fame is document management. The best place to store all your files and to have ‘one version of the truth’ for all documents that are shared inside and outside an organisation.

Not bad for free is it? Now let’s be honest, you do need to learn a few things about SharePoint and to get to know how it works. CloudAppsPortal can help you there too with extensive guides in the support section. But it is not the complex beast it has been painted out to be. The site templates and designs now available mean an Out of the Box platform is now easier to create than ever before. And you can benefit from the power of SharePoint as a document management, social, publishing and collaboration platform.

So have a look at CloudAppsPortal.com and see if free works for you.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But hey, I like it. It is free hosting.